Check the gritting routes near you on Stockport’s mapping system

Stockport Council now has all the gritting routes and grit bin locations on a searchable map – you can browse the map or type in a postcode to see nearby routes and bins.

Here are the links:

3 thoughts on “Check the gritting routes near you on Stockport’s mapping system

  1. Bob says:

    Hi Iain,I asked you earlier in the year if there was a possibility of having a grit bin on Park Lodge Close on the bend at the top of the first gradient as vehicles get stuck here and around the bend in the dip every time it snows, my own stuck for two days last year, you did say that you would look into it to see if there was any funding available,Are we getting a bin?

  2. Neville Hewer says:

    After two years requesting with a number of vehicles being damaged surely this year we can have the bin which is essential at the corner of West Drive and Nansen Road.

    Can you please advise.

    Many thanks

  3. Iain Roberts says:

    Hi Bob, Neville,

    We’ve put in requests for both those locations. Council officers review the locations each year and it looks like these haven’t made it I’m afraid.

    Although we accept Council resources are stretched all round, we’ll continue to look into it and – if we do get icy weather this year – we’ll see if we can come up with something. Last year there were some locations where we as the councillors came out to spread salt. We’ll try to do that again.

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