Fairey Band coming home to Stockport

With Council leader Sue Derbyshire, I had a good meeting with the Fairey Band today.

Based in Stockport, the Fairey Band are famous around the world and currently ranked as the fifth best brass band worldwide (I didn’t know there were world rankings for brass bands – I do now!).

The Fairey Band celebrated their 75th anniversary this year and, having been travelling around the world and the UK, are keen to perform more here in Stockport.

As well as traditional brass band music, the Fairey Band have an alter-ego: Acid Brass – playing Acid House Music on brass instruments – and I have to say I love it.

We’re working with them to bring the band to more Stockport events

One thought on “Fairey Band coming home to Stockport

  1. Jean Skitt says:

    Wonderful band – won many competitions over the years, saw them playing many times when I was younger as my parents worked at Faireys

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