New lamps being fitted to A34 streetlights – lane closures

Stockport Council Street Lighting operatives will be carrying out lantern changes on the A34 between the A555 roundabout and the Cheadle Royal junction over the weekend of 12th and 13th January between 6am and 4pm.

To enable these works to take place it will be necessary to implement single lane closures on both northbound and southbound carriageways although traffic will be maintained past the works in both directions at all times.

It is hoped that the works could be completed in the first weekend but if this is not achieved then it will be necessary to return to complete over the following weekend. Advance warning signs will be in place on the A34 before the works commence

2 thoughts on “New lamps being fitted to A34 streetlights – lane closures

  1. mike smith says:

    You mean to say Stockport has street lights

    That’s news to me – everything is in pitch darkness

    And we still pay our council tax

    Put the lights on before there are accidents

  2. Iain Roberts says:

    If you can be a little more specific, I’ll take a look: I’m not aware of anywhere with that problem.

    Cheshire East Council have decided to turn off the lights between junctions on their section of the A34, but they’re on in Stockport as far as I know.

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