Winning the war on graffiti

A few years ago, you could go around Cheadle and Gatley – or any other area – and find numerous examples of graffiti on walls, signs, bollards, telecoms boxes – it was all over the place.

The Lib Dem team decided to go for a zero-tolerance approach. We went around the area searching for graffiti, hunting it out and reporting it wherever we saw it – even if it was something relatively minor.

As a result of that – and other things that have happened – there’s now a lot less graffiti around our villages: a real victory.

Visiting different parts of the ward yesterday, we spotted (and reported) a few bits:

  • At the end of Mill Lane (past the Alexandra Hospital) on an elecricity substation and the gate next to it
  • On the skateboard ramps at Gatley Recreation Ground

If you spot any graffiti, you can report it yourself here or let us know about it – although there’s a lot less about now, there’s still some and we’re convinced that getting it removed quickly is the best way to stop it.

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