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1974 election literature: Would you send a Puppet to the Palace?

by Lib Dem team on 21 November, 2010

In 1974 there were two General Elections.  This is a Conservative leaflet from the first of those – Feb 1974.  It went out in the Hazel Grove constituency – which was marginal between the Liberals and Conservatives at that time (the Liberals won in the February election, the Conservatives took the seat in the October and then held it until Andrew Stunell’s 1997 victory).

The leaflet looks like a fairly generic one, which simply reprints a Daily Express article exhorting people to vote Conservative, with the headlines

 Would you send a puppet to the palace?


For everyone’s sake vote Conservative on Thursday

I quite like the line

“Even if the Liberals poll as well as the polls suggest, there is less chance of Mr Jeremy Thorpe [then Liberal leader] becoming Prime Minister than there is of Mr Cyril Smith being mistaken for Twiggy”.

In future weeks I’ll be putting more 1974 leaflets from the Conservatives, Liberals and Labour online.

1974 election Conservative leaflet page 1

1974 election Conservative leaflet page 2

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