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1974 election literature: a Liberal in the cabinet?

by Lib Dem team on 24 December, 2010

This newspaper was put out by the Liberals in the October 1974 General Election, where Michael Winstanley, who’d won in February, was defeated by the Conservative Tom Arnold in Hazel Grove.

Arnold would hold the seat until replaced by Lib Dem Andrew Stunell in 1997.

It’s interesting that the paper openly discusses the possibilities of the Liberals being in coalition or forming a minority government:

If no party has an overall majority (and there are many who blame  “strong” Tory and Labour governments for the mess we are in today) there will have to be inter-party talks which could lead to support for a minority government on an agreed programme or to an all-party alliance.

The residents of Hazel Grove would have to wait nearly 26 years before they got that Liberal/Lib Dem Government minister.

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