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1974 election literature: firmness for fairness

by Lib Dem team on 31 December, 2010

This Conservative leaflet is from the February 1974 election, where 27 year old Tom Arnold failed to defeat the Liberal Michael Winstanley in Hazel Grove.

Arnold had more success in the October General Election, becoming one of the youngest MPs in the Commons and  holding Hazel Grove until 1997.

The leaflet is good quality, though far more text heavy than anything any of the parties would put out today.

One interesting point to note is that, although Arnold makes a virtue of living in the constituency, he’s also happy to make a point of having stood in a different constituency (Cheetham in Manchester).  These days candidates are rather embarassed at having stood elsewhere.

The main thrust of the leaflet is between Conservative moderation and Labour extremism.

Firmness for fairness page 1

Firmness for fairness page 2

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