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Football parking update

by Iain Roberts on 16 November, 2012

A few weeks ago, I reported that the Lib Dem councillors were looking to sort out the problem of football parking – especially around Beech Avenue in Gatley and Grange Park Road in Cheadle.

Keith Holloway has now had further meetings with the Police and the Parks people who manage bookings. The Police have confirmed that they are putting on more patrols. The Parks staff will be reminding teams of their obligation to manage parking.

In Cheadle, we think people should be parking in the Massie Street car park or on Ashfield Street – it’s free on Sundays and only a short walk from the football field.

In Gatley people need to park away from the end of Beech Avenue and there may be other options that work – e.g. on Gatley Hill.


2 Responses

  1. Peter hince says:

    I have read your letter in the press about this matter and as a manager of a team not one single person has ever told us about the parking problem directly. We are aware of it and dont encourage parents to park on this part of the road but the residents do cause a lot of the problems as they park on both sides of the road and paths which causes cars to weave through them. Why cant the council make the old park next to gatley primary into another car park which would also help with the school parking issue. Or put a yellow line down one side of beech road with weekend restrictions. solutions not threats to stop childrens football as written by mr Roberts are needed. Peter Hince cheadle and gatley fc.

  2. Trevor Gaunt says:

    Whilst I agree with the above statements regarding football parking on Grange Park Rd, Cheadle, it is rarely a great problem for me. I don’t mind people parking, provided they leave room for vehicular access to residents’ driveways. What is an increasing problem is the new practice of drivers parking on Wilmslow Road alongside Whitegates. This makes egress from Grange Park Road extremely hazardous as the view of approaching traffic is compromised severely. Perhaps our councillors could enlighten us as to the law relating to unnecessary obstruction of cycle lanes as I am sure this must be a problem in other locations and a hugely dangerous irritation for cyclists too.

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