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Operation Eagle Eye launches – will you sign the pledge?

by Iain Roberts on 16 November, 2012

Operation Eagle Eye is launching in Stockport to encourage safe driving.

Police and safety officers are going out with school pupils to monitor offences around the school, such as illegal parking, speeding, and failing to wear a seatbelt.

Year 6 pupils from Gatley Primary School were out this week monitoring traffic speed on Styal Road.

Find out more about Operation Eagle Eye and sign the Eagle Eye Pledge.


2 Responses

  1. Alan Gent says:

    They’ll have a field day then around Cheadle high street…….

  2. John Bodicoat says:

    This is something which should be enforced every day, not just on occasions. I won’t be signing up to any pledge, my licence and conscience is clear. We need the return of police motorcyclists to the road, they’d pay for themselves and their kit in a couple of months.

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