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Residents parking in Cheadle village centre

by Iain Roberts on 16 November, 2012

Near the busy Cheadle village centre, it’s a constant balancing act between residents wanting to park near their own homes and shoppers/workers wanting to park in the centre.

One idea we’re looking at is to take the areas currently residents parking around Massie Street, and change them to mixed use. During the daytime (perhaps 9.30am to 4.30pm) they would be 2 hour limited waiting bays (though you could park as long as you liked with a residents permit). Overnight, from 4.30pm through until 9.30am the next day they would be standard residents parking as now.

Out hope is that it would create more free short-stay parking for shoppers, without inconveniencing residents – since there are normally enough residents out during the day that parking spaces are less of a problem.

What do you think?


13 Responses

  1. Les Leckie says:

    As one who recommended this change based on personally observed data, I support this proposal.

  2. Roger Bullock says:

    Excellent idea, strikes the perfect balance

  3. Ros says:

    great idea

  4. Jennifer says:

    Quite right too. Massie Street is mainly empty of parked cars during the day. Another idea would be to allow 20 minutes free parking in the car parks for quick calls to the bank etc.

  5. Alan Gent says:

    If its successful, may be it could be adapted to Milton Crescent but on one side only for free parking. Currently we have all day parking there for the air con company and the road is very congested and unsafe at times.

  6. Dawn Calmonson says:

    I think it’s a very sensible idea. Cheadle needs to encourage shoppers to come in to the village, and making it as easy as possible to park is very important. Many people find it very annoying when they only want to nip in to the village to one or two shops and they drive down empty side streets where they can no longer park.

  7. Estelle Weiner says:

    I agree as well; it works in other places (eg Hale). However, I think 30 minutes or and hour ought to be enough. Otherwise you’d be encroaching on the 30p for 2 hours in the main car parks. And that, compared to surrounding areas, is fairly cheap, as it is.

  8. Trevor Gaunt says:

    Having paid £35 to park for two minutes in an empty Chapel Street earlier this year, I would support this proposal, although I agree with Estelle Weiner about the time limit.

  9. John Cockerlin says:

    Thirty minutes would be more than enough. It’s the parking all day, and sometimes, even over night that is intolerable.

  10. Jean Skitt says:

    What I find intolerable is the illegal parking outside the shops at the High Street end of Massie Street, sometimes double parking makes it impossible to drive up/down safely, the double yellow lines there should be enforced !!

  11. Debbie Stone says:

    Great idea. Really needed.

  12. Steve Whitaker says:

    I can see this would help ease the problem but sceptical about whether or not it will solve it.
    As a resident of Greenvale Drive, I have recently sent back my form to adopt a residents parking scheme, which will cost me £21 pa. Your headline on the newsletter says, “can we create more free parking without inconveniencing residents?” So it seems that free parking in Cheadle is to be funded by residents who desire to park near their own home.
    There are many issues here and not all are being addressed.

  13. Iain Roberts says:

    Hi Steve,

    The cost of the residents parking schemes goes towards the cost of setting up and managing those schemes: when you pay £21 a year, you’re really paying to stop other members of the public parking on the public road by your house (or in your case the car park area).

    The wider issue is that we need a balance between the desire of residents to have space to park and the need to provide parking for people who shop and work in the village center. Both are important, and there certainly isn’t one solution to fix all the problems.

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