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Gatley talk on Facebook

by Iain Roberts on 29 November, 2012

3 Responses

  1. Robert Taggart says:

    Hm, if it be anything like some other Gatley Facebook sites – it will not be worth reading – they always delete the more ‘forthright’ opinions.
    Pusillanimity – a local ‘strong’ point !

  2. John Bodicoat says:

    Robert, I know which site you’re referring to as you and I have had “run-ins” with that service provider and some of the -ve posters on there. This is not governed by such people and is an open and honest forum. Please give it a chance and perhaps we can get back a Gatley forum like the one we used to have 4-5 years ago.

  3. John Hartley says:

    I’m not on Facebook and have little intention of joining, but I wish the group well.

    As others, I suspect I know the other site being referred to and I choose to not post there at present. This is because of very inconsistent moderating decisions by the site owners which, on the one hand, prevent free discussion about Gatley issues and, on the other hand, fail to tackle problems with contributors who step over the line from Mr Taggart’s “forthright” discussion to a threatening, aggressive attitude which breaches their own forum rules. Not a fun or rewarding place to spend your time.

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