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Stockport free metroshuttle: the 300 bus

by Iain Roberts on 29 November, 2012

The 300 bus – or Metroshuttle service – runs around Stockport Town Centre every 12 minutes.

Jump on the bus at any stop – stay on as long as you like and take it as many times as you like. The service is completely free, there for your convenience to get you around the town.


2 Responses

  1. Trevor McLean says:

    I wish you would put something like this on your news letter every time there is a change in bus routes around Gatley and Cheadle. There have been changes to the 371/11 now 371/11a/11 and the 44/196 and half the population do not use the bus because the route changes and times are not notified to the general puplic who are only casual bus users. A lot of people in Gatley are unaware of bus routes that go up and down Kingsway and hence do not use them.

  2. Iain Roberts says:

    Hi Trevor,

    It’s a good suggestion, I’ll look into running some articles on the bus routes that pass through or near the ward. I always do when I’m aware of them (if you spot any changes let me know).

    Most recently I carried all the information about the change in the 11/11A/371 service.

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