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Keith gets playground gate replaced

by Iain Roberts on 3 December, 2012

Residents have been concerned that the gate to the Gatley Rec playground (at the Co-op end) wasn’t closing automatically.

The problem for the Parks people turned out to be that the spring had broken on the gate. Replacing it with one spring wouldn’t have done the job, but two springs would make it too strong, potentially injuring a child.

The solution was to buy a new gate, and Keith has been pressing for that. We’ve now had confirmation from the Council that the new gate has been ordered and should be installed shortly after Christmas – good news for child safety.


2 Responses

  1. Margaret Cummins says:

    Lovely. And I bet the Gatley playground is fully equipped with full range of equipment unlike the Jubilee Park, Patk Road Cheadle which I and other carers moan about but don t complain to the council. There is a big space where something was to be replaced but is still a space. The park on Councillor Lane is far better equipped and I m betting the Garley one is v good too.

  2. Iain Roberts says:

    Hi Margaret, Gatley rec does have a good selection of playground equipment. That’s because we have a strong friends group (SPRING) who have been able to bid for external funding that the Council can’t secure on its own.

    I know there’s been some talk of setting up a friends group for Jubilee Park but I don’t know where it got to. If there were a group wanting to take it on, we would give our full support.

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