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Burglaries stop after Police arrest

by Iain Roberts on 10 December, 2012

Following a recent spate of burglaries across Cheadle and Gatley, Police arrested a young man found in someone’s back garden.

Although the person was later released and the person in question has not been charged, the burglaries have since stopped. Whether these two events are related we can only guess, but hopefully this recent spate is now at an end.


2 Responses

  1. Farry says:

    FIRST OF ALL I THINK THE POLICE ARE fantastic at what they do. SO WHY WHY OH WHY? Please explain this to me….The police catch someone in someone’s back garden (not his) & they release him without charge? Why do they think he was there for? Watering the garden? Or mowing the lawn? I DONT THINK SO…. why are they so soft on them?

  2. Ros says:

    I ditto what Farry has said, WHY, WHY WHY

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