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Mark Hunter’s “No 2 Nuisance Calls” petition – sign to end scam and spam phone calls

by Iain Roberts on 11 January, 2013

Fed up of getting bombarded with calls trying to sell you PPI recovery, convince you that your PC is infected with viruses or sell you any number of things, even if you’ve registered with the opt-out service?

Local MP Mark Hunter says the current rules clearly aren’t working – he’s campaigning for stronger regulations that work.

You can help. Please take a minute to sign the petition to support Mark’s campaign.

You can read more about Mark’s campaign here.


4 Responses

  1. Robert Taggart says:

    how about a petition against campaigning / door-stepping politicians ?
    Particularly during election times !

  2. Iain Roberts says:

    Then we’d (rightly) get complaints that people never see their local councillors, Robert. We’re out campaigning all year round and knocking on doors, it’s what we do.

  3. Les Leckie says:

    I agree, Iain.

  4. Paul says:

    Surely as call centres are now one of the UK’s few remaining “industries”, you are actually campaigning to put more people on the dole queue?

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