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Crime update for Cheadle and Gatley

by Iain Roberts on 16 January, 2013

Sgt Craig Blackburn came to last night’s Cheadle Area Committee, along with PCSO Natalie Brine and PCSO Kirsty Jackson.

Sgt Blackburn is new to the area, with six months Cheadle policing now under his belt. He told us that crime levels are similar to last year. There’s been an increase in burglaries in December and January (which seems to happen every year) and also a worrying increase in thefts from vehicles.

Many of these thefts are due to cars being left unlocked, so do remember to lock up.

Some residents have raised concerns with me about an electronic tool – available to buy on the internet – which allows thieves to unlock some BMW cars. Sgt Blackburn noted that few of the car thefts have been from BMWs and the tool (which apparently costs £800) has not been used in Greater Manchester as far as the Police are aware.

The drop in anti-social behaviour over the last few years is something that I’ve noticed as a councillor and the crime figures reflect – there’s some excellent partnership work between the Police and other agencies (including the Council) contributing to that and long may it continue.


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  1. Carole says:

    We have become to dread Friday night as it seems to be a regular occurance that three youths in balaclavas and hoodies are targetting Daylesford Crescent attempting to break into homes and I believe succeeding on occasion. We have knowledge of it happening around 5.30/6.0.p.m. with it happening again Friday the 19th and three past Fridays that we know of. Can something not be done to give us some peace as we are frightened in our own homes.

  2. Iain Roberts says:

    Hi Carole,

    I’ve spoken to the Police and because of the issue of burglaries in your area there is a big focus from the Police there at the moment.

    If you’ve not already, please call the Police so they can be aware of your specific issue and give you advice on home security – just dial 101.

  3. Farry says:

    same 3 guys AGAIN, on a friday night AGAIN, but this time,I do believe that the home owners were in the house,If the police know this is happening at the same time each friday, why are the police not patrolling the area at this time?? The residents are frightened to be in their own homes!!
    we need police all the time not only Fridays, as Sgt Craig Blackburn knows that this happens every year (which it does) but to say same as last year? WRONG
    I am sorry there have been more burglaries this year, Please this is getting out of hand
    Why don’t the council put CCTV in hot spot areas? It will deter them & if there is anyone acting suspiciously it can be dealt with by the police
    & not by us (as we cannot take law in to our own HANDS)

  4. NADIA says:

    I live on the street and i have not noticed the police focusing their efforts on our road. The only time they are around is after someone has been burgled..My children are frightened to be in their own home because of these 3 men.. Its not fair that the residents of the road should be put through this..If the police know this happens on a Friday evening around the same time why is there not surveillance..Surely it makes sense to try and catch these criminals ..The problem is that they know they can get away with it so they keep coming back..WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO DO SOMETHING?????

  5. frederick kenny says:

    I have to say I am quite shocked by these descriptions and apparent lack of preemptive action by the police.
    We live next to Daylesford and have also been burled on several occasions as have our neighbors. On talking to the police officers at the time the methodology described was post hock intelligence led rather than patrolling our area to deter crime.

    But common sense indicates some actual Police Officers patrolling the areas on a frequent basis (NB PCSO are very nice people but have no power of arrest and are unfortunately not Police Officers).

    I have not seen any PO’s on the beat for over a decade in this area since we used to have our own proper police station in Oak Road.

    Overall crime is falling everywhere in the UK, but in this area burglary is a problem. Also very violent crime in Cheadle , the recent tragic death of an off duty PO in nearby Edgely and the terrible decapitation last year near the Council Offices are worrying and deserve a much stronger police response than we appear to get particularly looking at this crime update.

  6. Iain Roberts says:

    I’m glad to say I see police on the beat all the time around Cheadle & Gatley – on foot, on bike and patrolling in cars – especially since the new police station opened in Cheadle village.

    The reality of patrolling is that there’s a vanishingly small chance of apprehending a criminal in the act (I can’t remember the figure, but I think a patrolling police officer will, on average, happen to come across a crime once every few years). However, the benefit of patrolling is to look out for problems, spot people loitering and challenge them and to give reassurance, and I know the Police do all of those.

    The recent murders you mention are a good example – in both cases the Police made quick arrests.

  7. Roger says:

    I had my car stolen from my driveway in January and just recently learned that 2 other cars were also stolen in the same area of Gatley where I live. Its exactly the same cars as mine and in all cases they broke into the house and stole the keys and drove away with the cars. As far as I know, the cars were never recovered.
    Today my wife was followed by 2 men in a car, so I’m very worried about my family’s safety and they seem to be focusing on Mercedes Benz vehicles.

    Has this been reported to you and are you aware of any attempts that the police are making to prevent this from happening?

  8. zoe says:

    lock up your cars, Sat night thieves got into my (unlocked thanks to my ex husband) car and stole equipment plus £800 worth of other items, this is on the JONES estate so be warned and LOCK UP EVERYTHING

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