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Greyhound pub site goes to Council’s Planning & Highways Committee

by Iain Roberts on 16 January, 2013

Cheadle Area Committee last night considered a planning application for the site of the former Greyhound Pub, at the junction of Ladybridge Road and Councillor Lane in Cheadle Hulme. A new Morisons “M” local store plus an additional unit are proposed, along with 21 parking spaces.

We weren’t being asked to make a decision: because the site is right on the border of two areas (Cheadle and Central Area Committees) we were being asked for comments to be passed onto the Planning and Highways Committee. They meet on 31st January at the Town Hall when the final decision will be made.

Residents and local traders opposed to the proposals came out in force, and we had a well-argued presentation against the proposals on a number of grounds. These included there not being enough space on the site for delivery and refuse vehicles to maneuvre, and issues of safety and anti-social behaviour.

Despite concerns, residents said they did want to see the site developed, and felt one unit would be more appropriate than two.

The applicant argued that without development of this scale, the financial case for the site didn’t stack up and it would most likely remain in its current derelict state for some years to come. His company has worked with Council officers over the last 18 months in developing the scheme and bringing forward modifications to answer some of the concerns. There was some criticism that little effort had been made to consult directly with local residents and traders.

After nearly 90 minutes of debate and discussion, councillors proposed that the Planning and Highways Committee should have the benefit of visiting the site to look at the issues first hand before a decision was taken, so a request for a site visit was agreed.


2 Responses

  1. kath hallworth says:

    Quite agree with residents on this one, if you take into account the number of staff that will presumably be working there in the two units, there will not be enough parking spaces. I think this would lead to illegal parking on the road outside causing massive problems on this very busy junction.

    Lets hope the council do not fall for the call ‘to bwing held to ransom’ by the applicant saying the site will stay derelict for years to come if this present proposal is not approved. It’s highly unlikely that another scheme could not be found for this site that would be more suitable to the site size and the local traders and residents alike.

  2. mark cook says:

    I myself am a resident living very close by to the proposed site. I totally disagree with you on this point of parking.

    If Morrisons does not get the go ahead on this site, what would you suggest the site is used for that would not require additional car parking spaces?.

    A concern raised is anti social behavior, does Lidl and the local shops have issues with this, as i have never encountered any anti social behavior in these areas in over 12 years.
    I can’t envisage a Morrisons would have this issue anymore than any other local trader that is open until late evening.

    Another issue raised is site deliveries, not to state the obvious but it was not long ago this site was a pub. Did that not have site deliveries with large wagons etc.

    My understanding is that this is a Morrisons express where residents and passing trade can \bob in\ to pick up daily groceries not to complete a full weeks shop. I would assume cars will be parked for minimal amount of time, surely the main Morrisons will take the brunt of leisurely shoppers.

    In my opinion competition is exactly what is required so local residents have the convenience and choice to decide where to shop.

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