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Stockport Homes use water rates money to fund innovative schemes

by Iain Roberts on 12 February, 2013

Stockport Homes – the Council’s social housing provider – came to the Town Hall last week to tell councillors how it’s improving the lives of tenants through an innovative scheme that comes from collecting water rates.

When United Utilities had problems collecting water rates from tenants, Stockport Homes stepped in and offered to do the job for them. Tenants’ bills stay the same (or in some cases reduce, as Stockport Homes advises on whether having a water meter would save money). Stockport Homes takes a percentage, and spends that money on a wide range of social schemes.

Volunteers from SAVY (Stockport Action for Voluntary Youth) on another Stockport Homes project in 2012

They include volunteering schemes which can lead to jobs, a deposit scheme to help people get into rented accommodation when they can’t afford the initial deposit on top of rent, targeted help for problem families, advice on cutting bills and a great deal more.

Stockport Homes not only provides rents significantly below the Greater Manchester average, but also has high quality housing stock and is building new social housing properties.

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