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Adrienne helping older job-seekers find their way

by Iain Roberts on 25 February, 2013

Adrienne at Work and BeyondThere’s plenty of help around for younger people trying to get a job, but Cheadle-based careers expert Adrienne Conway thinks older job-seekers aren’t as well supported, and she’s set up a new company – Work & Beyond – to help them.

With over thirty years’ professional experience helping people across Greater Manchester into work, Adrienne’s got the skills, experience and contacts to help job-hunters work out what they want to do next and to search out and bag

If you’re facing redundancy or retirement, looking to return to work, lacking confidence in your skills or maybe not sure how to go about finding that job, why not look on Adrienne’s Work and Beyond website for some useful guidance, or get in touch with Adrienne for more help.

You can call Adrienne at Work & Beyond on 0844 887 0383 or 07946 424 013, or visit the Work and Beyond website.

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2 Responses

  1. Robert Taggart says:

    Not all of us older jobseekers be jobseekers by choice – the madness of the ‘benefits’ system be pushing into this nonsense !

  2. Adrienne says:

    Agree totally………………but it’s not just benefits it’s also changes in the pension age, domestic circumstances etc etc

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