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Cheadle Green improvements – what happens next

by Lib Dem team on 7 March, 2014

The work to improve Cheadle Green is underway. The plans have been developed by the Cheadle Civic Society who have also raised the money for the work, and it has the support of the Liberal Democrats.

Seeing the work starting, and trees being cut down, a number of people have got in touch expressing concern about the plans.

It’s always difficult to see how something’s going to look like when the building works are in progress, so the short brochure below – kindly supplied by the Cheadle Civic Society explains a bit more about what’s going to happen.


6 Responses

  1. SomersetGirl says:

    I was horrified to see the trees cut down! Looking at the new plan, it all seems a bit clinical and clean.

  2. Alan Gent says:

    There is no avoiding the removal of diseased trees. Diseases are quite often air borne and can spread and the tree can become unstable.
    The plan shot doesn’t really show the new layout to full effect, but, Im sure it will be an improvement.
    Very grateful to the CS for driving this forward AND obtaining finance.

  3. Garry says:

    I’m really pleased that the Ockleston memorial is being brought back into the heart of the village, it is far to beautiful to remain forgotten in queens gardens. All in all it should look wonderful when finished and help lift this end of the village. Just the George and Dragon to sort now.

  4. Suzanne Sutherland says:

    Have the Civic Society raised all the money for this project or have the council donated some?

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