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Causes of death in Stockport

by Iain Roberts on 23 July, 2014

Interesting charts showing the causes of all death in Stockport, then narrowing it down to under-75s (generally considered as “early deaths” and further to preventable deaths.


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  1. Robert Taggart says:

    We all have a finite ‘shelf life’ !
    Unfortunately, because of the ‘blessed’ NHS – all too many folk are living beyond their ‘allotted shelf life’ – only to suffer indignities (dementia, incontinence, infirmity…) – from which they would once have been spared.
    Progress ? – NAH – Regress – a failure to face up to the inevitable.

  2. John Hartley says:

    My sincere sympathy, Mr Taggart. Your comments here and on other posts suggest you have a very jaundiced and unhappy life. Such a shame. Such a waste.

  3. Robert Taggart says:

    Oh contraire JH – just an aversion to the Nanny State and its attendant infantilization.

    JH – in view of the poor response to the article about your ‘good self’ below this on this site – your sympathy be hereby returned !

  4. Alan Gent says:

    Just to point out that we don’t all receive Iain’s missives at the same time; I get mine Sunday morning. Having recently been exposed too Frequently unfortunately, recently to the NHS, via a family illness, I can only sing its praises, but the statistic showing cancer as the major cause of death is a sad one that refuses to go away despite everyone’s best endeavours working in that sphere of preventative cure.

  5. Bob says:

    I do feel so sorry for Robert Taggart,do you not have anything positive to say about life and living? you always have a negative approach, what a shame!

  6. Ian says:

    Agree totally with Bobs Remarks above Mr Taggart does seem to have a negative attitude which isnt good for your overall being. As Human beings we do have a cycle in years from Birth to death however the dice roll but the best thing in my humble opinion is to be positive and enjoy your health while you have it . Thanks for this information Iain sadly as Mr Gent says certain conditions are on the increase and we all support those in their efforts to find a cure for those suffering.

  7. Robert Taggart says:

    Sympathy ? – no thank you !
    Stay positive in this life ? – AYE – were it not for the constant interference of ‘those who know better’ !
    People die – get used to it, get over it, and while you have it – get a life !

  8. Les Leckie says:

    A welcome consequence of the establishment of the NHS was a longer lifespan for those it serves. Sadly, this cause for joy is lost on some people. Your only as old as you feel and whether life is finite remains to be seen.

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