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Tatton cinema development brief

by Lib Dem team on 19 August, 2014

The Lib Dems are currently working with Stockport Council to progress a Compulsory Purchase Order on the Tatton Cinema site.

Here is the development brief going out to anyone interested in developing the site.


7 Responses

  1. John Hartley says:


    This is good, in my opinion. I like the housing strategy, particularly the inclusion of socially rented accommodation. The area needs much more low cost housing.

    I’m sure you’ve mentioned this before but could you paraphrase the working of any CPO on the site. I’d like to think that the Council would purchase at current market value, rather than whatever Dickens might have paid for it at the height of the property market. It wouldnt seem right for the compnay to benefit from its inaction (yes, I know they previously had a scheme that many of us thought would have been beneficial – but I mean inaction since then).

  2. Lee says:

    Low cost housing? That is the last thing our village needs.
    Yes it may attract younger first time buyers, but it more likely to attract people from other less well off areas.
    I appreciate that is large and generalised assumption but building higher spec accommodation would attract more affluent people to the village who would spend more in the village itself.
    For me, low cost accommodation would worse than having the tatton in its current state.

  3. Carolyn Minkes says:

    Please can the social housing be better managed than the Johnnie Johnson estate on the old allotments was for some time. I wouldn’t want a repeat of some of the problems that occurred for some time after it was built.

  4. David Johnson says:

    Gatley needs more space for car parking so the rear of the building could be used and benefit the community. Certainly the area is central to the village identity and should be developed for and by residents wishes and needs (not pickled as was the Natwest site)!

  5. Bruce Thwaite says:

    What a farce this whole process is!

  6. Arthur says:

    Why is when something is proposed people have to be so negative. Gatley should be a positive place to live but seems to me nothing will be good enough for the residents of Gatley. Such a negative place.

  7. Julie Kingdon says:

    I would love to see the building restored to a working cinema & coffee shop on the lines of the Curzon in Knutsford. I believe that turning it into low cost accommodation would be highly detrimental to a pretty village like Gatley.

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