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Tatton update – planning application and CPO progressing

by Lib Dem team on 12 March, 2015

Gatley’s former Tatton cinema site has long been a blot on the landscape and the Lib Dem team have always worked to get a sensible development at the privately-owned site, exploring options including car-parks and several other schemes.

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The latest news is that Dickens Property Group, who have owned the site for the last decade, are in pre-application talks with the council to bring forward a development on the site. We would like to see final plans released publicly as soon as possible, though that’s likely to still be some weeks away as the architects work to come up with a scheme that’s acceptable to planning officers.

At the same time, Stockport Council is progressing the Compulsory Purchase Order that the Lib Dems successfully campaigned for and which – if the other plans fall through – could see the site handed over to a new developer with a commitment to the site around the end of 2015.

Neither plan is certain and there are no guarantees, but we believe this twin-track approach gives the best chance we’ve had in years to finally make the site an asset for Gatley village.

An unknown wag recently posted fake planning notices near the Tatton suggesting it might be demolished and turned into a bingo hall – as we’ve had a few comments about them, we’re happy to confirm that it was no more than someone’s idea of a joke.


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  1. John Hartley says:

    Thanks for the update, Iain. Good to know the Council is keeping up the CPO process “just in case”.

  2. Mr S Powell says:

    I is about time something definite was done about the Tatton site – but you can bet that the most practical option that Gatley residents want – a car park – will probabluy not be taken up – Parking space in Gatley is at a premium because there is so little of it – and it could generate a reasonable income for Stockport council and us ratepayers. Cheadle has a good car park with reasonable charges – why not Gatley ?? Come on Councillors – get the CPO order done and give us the car park we need and deserve . – the so-called “Developers” have dragged their heels for too many years.

  3. Iain says:

    Oddly enough I was having a discussion about the car park idea on the Gatley Facebook page with two residents saying how they thought that would be a waste for the site and didn’t want it.

    I don’t think a car park is a viable option. We tried it a few years ago and weren’t able to make it happen. It would cost at least a million pounds to do and, assuming 100 spaces full the whole time, would take 20 years to recoup in parking charges – and that assumes no other costs at all.

    I do think we have a very good chance of getting a decent development for the site which may include more car parking spaces though.

  4. David Johnson says:

    I cannot understand the estimated cost of surfacing and organising a car park! Builders are surely the business to be in – whatever is built on the Tatton site – they are rubbing their wallets – sorry hands – with glee. I used to believe that local councils were there to support the community but recent planning and projected future planning is not going to improve the Gatley environment.

  5. vik says:

    A million pounds for a car park!! A million pounds for a car park!!
    Will it have mermaids cleaning it with rosewater and sirens singing songs?

    Even with the demolition! Rather build ramps and we can park in the cinema.

  6. John says:

    As i said before – build a Gatley Metro Car Park behind the lovely front. Why is our council taking so so long over this?

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