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Rear of Tatton site cleared by owners

by Lib Dem team on 30 March, 2015

If you’ve walked along the path beside the Tatton site recently you might have noticed that the owners have cleared the back – cutting down all the trees and bushes that were growing there. Dickens, who own the Tatton site, are in discussion with the Council about a proposed new planning application they hope to bring forward in the next couple of months. In the meantime, the Lib Dems are continuing with the Compulsory Purchase Order.


“This private site has been an eyesore in the centre of Gatley for far too long.” said Graham Greenhalgh. “One way or another, we want to get it sorted.”

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  1. Paul says:

    What would people think of the Tatton being turned into a Whetherspoons? I have no idea if they would, but they do take on these sort of buildings. Urmston is a good example of that.

    Just a thought

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