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Kingsway School submit cycle hub planning application

by Lib Dem team on 29 April, 2015

Kingsway School have submitted a planning application 58392 for a new central cycle hub on the Broadway campus, to be funded from the Cycle Ambition Grant being used to improve facilities across Greater Manchester.




5 Responses

  1. gb says:

    In theory laudible perhaps. However, will this development include proper (and mandatory) training for would-be child cyclists? To my mind this is essential.

    Many cyclists are a menace on the roads (and footpaths), ignoring traffic signals, not using cycle paths where provided, having no lights after dark and causing a general hazard on the road.

  2. Halifax says:

    GB _ Cycle paths are not mandatory to use, and are often not used because they are badly thought out or not maintained.

    The latest cycle path on Manchester Road, is one example. Cyclists are expected to not only share the pavement with pedestrians, but with cyclist coming the opposite way!

    Cars are also a hazard, failing to keep to the speed limit, tailgating, using their mobiles whilst driving, nudging out into the cycle lane when waiting to join the road, parking on pavements. It appears that training doesn’t stop any of these dangerous habits.

    Whilst some cyclists are indeed a nuisance, the fact is that on average 10 people everyday are killed by motorists, not by cyclists

  3. Garry says:

    i think the point is being lost here. Yes there are motorists and cyclists who flout the law. But they are adults and should know better, usually they come unstuck by their own actions. The point is, if we are going to encourage children to cycle on our roads they must be taught the rules so they are kept safe.

  4. Alan Gent says:

    For Kingsway in particular, it becomes essentail to slow the speed of cars on High Grove Rd, if more cyclists are exiting that way, to go home. I have long asked for a permanent speed camera to police the 20mph limit on High Grove and Milton Crescent. The council spent a lot of money painting the road and erecting signage to no avail. A speed camera generates revenue to pay for future developments of this nature.

  5. Halifax says:

    Alan – Re: a speed camera on High Grove and Milton – you have my 100% support.

    In addition, I feel that Broadway could have been kept at 30mph, if it had again been enforced with cameras. As it is the 20mph is totally ignorred

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