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How to shop at the Peel Centre without parking there

by Lib Dem team on 1 June, 2015

Stockport’s Peel Centre is a popular shopping centre, and rightly so with stores from New Look to Hobbycraft, Toys R Us to Currys. The shops are great, but there’s a regular stream of complaints from people who feel they’ve been unfairly given a parking ticket – they appear in the papers all the time. Just google Peel Centre Parking to see a few of them.

What to do?

Plenty of people choose to park there – the car park’s normally pretty busy and they’re even looking to expand beyond the 800+ spaces currently offered. But if you want to drive to the Peel Centre and don’t want to park in their car park, there’s an easy alternative.

The Council’s Newbridge Lane car park is just 90 seconds walk from the Peel Centre, and if you’re staying for an hour or less it’s 50p cheaper too. Not got any change? You can pay using the RingGo app on your smartphone.

The Newbridge Lane car park is convient for the Peel Centre

The Newbridge Lane car park is convient for the Peel Centre

To walk from the Newbridge Lane car park to the Peel Centre, walk over Millgate Bridge towards Matalan, then turn left when you’ve crossed the bridge, walk down the side of the Peel Centre and you’re there. Just 90 seconds!



17 Responses

  1. robert cohen says:

    Thanks for that. Really helpful as long as it’s not raining. Having been a recipient of a ticket – issued whilst I was getting change for the ticket machine! – and the attitude of the clowns who run the car park, I haven’t been to the Peel Centre for years. Ironically, I reluctantly go to the Trafford Centre (or elsewhere) that doesn’t penalise motorists.

  2. Bruce says:

    Parking should be free for the first hour – another option is to do what Asda and Sainsburys do, who issue a refund it you shop there.

  3. Estelle Weiner says:

    I downloaded the RinGo app. Then had AWFUL problems with my password etc. In the end after going online on the p.c as well, and being unable to remember which payasyougo meter I’d been at….. I uninstalled it!

  4. Stuart Thompson says:

    Having a tendency to hypertension, thankfully under control by the wonders of medicine, I keep strictly away from the Peel Centre otherwise from what I hear, I might suffer a relapse. The only places I shop by car in central Stockport have parking attached, i.e. Johnstones paints, a couple of timber stores near the Portwood roundabout, and a very competent domestic appliance repairer in Edgeley. The O2 phone shop is essential but is a gentle stroll from Stockport bus station. My other needs are met by shopping on foot in Cheadle, public transport to Manchester, Cheadle Hulme or Gatley (life would be unbearable without the helpful and competent people at A & I supplies). I use Click & Collect for John Lewis and Screwfix and shop extensively on the internet. To me, the Peel Centre seems an expensive anachronism that could be redeveloped to satisfy Stockport’s obligation to provide affordable housing on brownfield sites. As you might suspect, my hobbies are being controversial and exposing emperors wearing new clothes.

  5. Chris says:

    A good alternative to driving there is to drive somewhere else that does not rip you off for car parking. Plenty of other places have a Toys R Us, Hobbycraft etc!

    • Iain Roberts says:

      True – you could spend your money on petrol instead of parking.

      • Chris says:

        Agreed, and with the charges for parking, this works out as a saving. Throw in the risk of getting a ticket while you are feeding money into the pay and display machine, and anyone with financial sense can see that it is a sensible choice. For an individual that is, not for the town centre businesses.

  6. Harry Bull says:

    Well said Stuart Thompson, particularly regarding A & I Supplies.

  7. Tony Kaye says:

    Absolutely agree it’s a disgrace to be charged, at least for the first hour. I went to collect an item, and was there 5 minutes, and was shocked. The stores and the owners need to sort this. I won’t be returning until it is! Also agree about A&I supplies in Gatley. They never fail….

    • Kim says:

      I totally agree with all your comments, however, it’s down to Peel Holdings employing Excel Parking and not the stores, employees have to park elsewhere also.
      It’s a disgrace that we are encouraged to shop in Stockport as Mary Portas would like us to do, yet we can park at Crown Point Denton for free up to 4 hours and Trafford Centre for free also.

  8. Chris franklyn says:

    Stockport could be such a good shopping centre but as a resident i tend to avoid it now. The main reason being the parking. The peel centre is a classic example. Paying to shop???? Really! Its a complicated system to use just to add insult to injury.

  9. Iain Toms says:

    on a day out from my home in the Yorshire Dales, I parked at the Peel Plaza shopping Plaza. In all my shopping expeditions in many countries, I have never had to pay for parking in a Shopping Plaza. I had no expectation of needing to pay. In parking lots, I am ever vigilant for pedestrian, push chairs and children etc, and I don’t expect there to be high up signs to distract my attention. I believe that the operators of the Peel car park have a “duty of care” not to place signs which are out of the line of vision of vigilant motorists. the “PAY AND DISPLAY” warning is in upper case lettering which is difficult for anyone to read – have you noticed that Motorway Signs are always in upper case, and Peel should know this unless there is intent to deceive!

  10. Iain Toms says:

    Sorry, a typo. Motorway signs are always in lower case. The them MOT spent a lot of time researching how people look at sgnage!

    My sad message to visitors is to keep away from the Peel and shop online, or take the train – but we have no simple route.

  11. David Pomfret says:

    Do NOT park at The Peel Centre under any circumstances. I usually park at Tescos which is 5 minutes walk away, as I always call in to Tescos for something when I’m in Stockport anyway. The Peel Centre car park is run by Excel Parking who are thieving, lying scum and are basically an extortion racket. They go out of their way to issue tickets on any kind of pretext. They then issue fake legal letters to intimidate people into paying. They are a disgrace and should be closed down, and crushed out of existence. I wrote a letter of complaint about them to George Osborne – then chancellor, and my MP about them several months ago

  12. Gerald Poulton says:

    First visit to peel centre.parked in a disabled space outside
    Currys .showed blue card on screen.spent 11.mins in shop.received pcn for 60£.disgracefull.will never shop in stockport signs near the disabled bays.
    Rip off britain.

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