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Charles Kennedy 1959-2015

by Lib Dem team on 2 June, 2015

Charles Kennedy 1959-2015

My colleagues and I have been greatly saddened by the news this morning of the untimely death of Charles Kennedy at the age of just 55. Our condolences and warm wishes go to his family.

Charles Kennedy was a committed liberal, a highlander to his core and a man of principle. He was the only party leader to stand up in 2003 and oppose the Iraq war, and if his legacy is that the UK never again rushes into an ill-thought-out conflict that will be something to be immensely proud of.

He was a hugely talented politician who genuinely cared about, and connected with, the people he fought for. He was a very human politician with human failings too.

As leader of the Liberal Democrats, Kennedy took the party to its most successful election, with 62 MPs elected in 2005. But for those of us who met him, he will be remembered most of all as a genuine, passionate and nice guy who will be very sadly missed.


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  1. Ross Kalwa says:

    We have lost a great human being and he will be sadly missed. If Charles said he would do something he would move heaven and earth to achieve it. What a great loss to the Liberal party!

  2. Les Leckie says:

    The only leading politician to oppose the Iraq War. Perhaps he saw what a disaster would ensue.

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