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“Email your bad motoring pics to us” say Stockport West police

by Lib Dem team on 3 June, 2015

1185038_149748688567398_1316757214_nStockport West police are asking the public to let them know about people you see driving badly as part of their STARS initiative.

The Police are asking residents to email pictures of bad parking and reg numbers of cars speeding, driving while using mobiles or breaking other motoring laws to

Of course, you shouldn’t take a picture while you’re driving yourself!

Since we asked the public 3 months ago to send in their reports of any speeding, driving while using mobiles and inconsiderate parking, we have recieved over 60 reports. These people have been advised accordingly and this programme is still running with great success. Please continue to email in your reports, videos and pictures to the Stockport West email address –

The West Area covers- Alex Park, Edgeley, Swythamley, Bridgehall, Adswood, Bramhall, Woodford, Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme, Heald Green and Gatley.
This initiative is aimed at educating and improving the quality and standards of road safety throughout the borough making our roads safer for everyone.


19 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    I better clear my phone out in anticipation – there’s only 333MB free at present…

  2. Bob says:

    I hope you didn’t txt that while driving?

  3. Alan Gent says:

    Wish Id known this yesterday, A woman driving through Cheadle – in a Range Rover – applying her make up!

  4. Alan Gent says:

    By the way Iain, whats the law about cars parking on pavements?

  5. Les Leckie says:

    Useful initiative providing there is action taken against offenders.

  6. Garry says:

    I’ve reported the cars parked on the double yellow lines on Oak Road a few times and they do nothing. Also they want to do something about cyclists jumping red lights. One on Saturday cycled through people using the crossing. Almost knocked an old lady over.

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Parking on double yellow lines is enforced by the council – traffic wardens will ticket if they spot it. If the police do spot dangerous cycling, I certainly hope they act on it too. The police don’t have the resources to be everywhere they’d like, but with our help they can do more to make our roads safer.

  7. Peter Rowley says:

    Well done Iain, we will send some pictures across. Living on Gatley Road there will be a constant supply of pictures of drivers using their mobile phones. Can I include pictures of drivers throwing out their cigarette ends as well? Bearing in mind that I do a regular litter pick along Gatley Road (Cheadle side of the A34) and therefore have to pick them up.

  8. Ian says:

    How about the drivers turning right at the A34 from Cheadle who cross Kingsway and then do a straight U turn to avoid queueing like the rest of us.

  9. John Plant says:

    Iain I read your comment about parking on pavements obstructing prams, buggies, mobility scooters etc……..
    Is Brookfield Road exempt?

  10. Tony Kaye says:

    what about police watching for drivers doing a U-turn southbound to northbound at Kingsway A34/A560 junction -it happens frequently, including articulated lorries!

    Still awaiting results of the study to assess simultaneous right filters from the A560 (Gatley rd) onto the A34 north and south, Iain!

  11. John Moore says:

    Bolshaw road junction of Cross street Heald green is a nightmare . Heavy good artics use it, cross street its not designed for them also when school is out everyone parks on the junction on the pavements this being very dangerous because children have to walk on a busy road and the vehicles restrict the view on a junction there are many more issues in this location regards traffic

  12. anon says:

    There is a van keeps parking in the ambulance spot near my flats. There are plenty of empty spaces right next to it. I took a photo of the license number, then another of the area to show empty spaces and the van parked in the ambulance spot. I want this guy stopped…. what can I do?

  13. ken Holmes says:

    I emailed Ian and stockport police “Stars” with pictures of vehicles parked on pedestrian crossings in gatley
    Neither have responded to date.
    Is stars still in operation ?

  14. Jane Turner says:

    Could you please ask for a camera ro be placed in frint if the ‘Road Closed’ sign on the junction of Mill Lane to Stockport Road, Woodley Precinct. On a daily basis for the last few weeks I try to drive onto Mill Lane from Stockport Rd but am constantly met with illegal driver’s who hurl verbal abuse if I won’t reverse onto Stockport Rd (which would cause me to make an illegal move). Today I had to wait for 8 illegal drivers who blocked my access to pass. Please act promptly. Regards, Jane Turner

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