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Gatley Police newsletter, July 2015

by Lib Dem team on 8 July, 2015


4 Responses

  1. Andy McKnight says:

    all of the up coming events in the police newsletter are in the past. How can we get this sooner?

  2. Iain Roberts says:

    Hi Andy,

    I normally put the newsletters on my website within a few hours of receiving them. I’ll mention it to the Police – I think they’ve had a few issues getting them out on time but hopefully those are being resolved.

  3. Ian says:


    There was a time when there was a similar newsletter for the Cheadle Area. Is it still in existence and if so can it be post on this site.?

  4. Andrew Armstrong says:

    Hi Iain,
    Please will you ask the police to publish their report in slightly bigger print. I can hardly read it!

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