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Off-road bike crackdown

by Lib Dem team on 6 August, 2015

From the Council:

The Safer Stockport Partnership (SSP), which includes Stockport Council, Greater Manchester Police and Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue service, is making a stance against off-road bikes.

Working in partnership, the SSP is making Stockport residents aware that it is illegal to ride a motorcycle of any description on land that is not a public road without the permission of the land owner.
Additionally, off-road motorcycles are generally not taxed or insured for road use, and riders tend not to wear helmets or protective clothing.
If an off-road bike is spotted, residents should provide the following:


  • Description of who is riding the bike.
  • Where the bike is being used.
  • When is it being used (time of day e.g. evening, daytime, weekend).
  • Details about the vehicle (e.g. make, model, colour).
  • Who owns the vehicle (if known).
  • Where the bike is being stored or address


Councillor Shan Alexander, Stockport Council’s Executive Member for Safe & Resilient Communities, said: “The issue of off-road bikes as a whole is a problem across Stockport, and we are urging Stockport residents to help us tackle this by providing information if they spot an off-road bike.”
Leon Jacobs, Chief Inspector from Greater Manchester Police, said: “We are working in partnership to address the issue of off-road bikes as we know these bikes cause a lot of noise and distress and we are using all tools and powers to help combat this.”
For more information, please contact the SSP by visiting or call the Community Safety Unit on 0161 474 3143. You can follow us on twitter @saferstockport



8 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    What a spiteful little post. Hasn’t local government got anything better to do?

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Chris – I’m afraid illegal off-road bikes are a serious issue that cause considerable concern among residents and regularly feature highly on the issues people raise with us. You might feel it’s spiteful, but when parks are damaged, children put in danger etc. I think it’s entirely right to act.

      • Mike Roberts says:

        Just as valid ON public roads !

        On my home from work through Brinnington the other day I saw a young man on a tall trials bike pulling a wheelie down Brinnington Road into oncoming traffic, making a hell of a racket and wearing no protective gear. Arrogant and dangerous are just two of the words that come to mind.

        Impossible to get a proper description as he was going so fast !

  2. Jean Skitt says:

    What,s spiteful about it, its very necessary, I,ve seen a dog knocked down and the owner nearly injured by an off road bike, being ridden on Gatley Carrs a few years ago……..

  3. Arthur Lampkin says:

    There should be something about cyclist on pavements too as they are more of a danger.

  4. Philip thomas says:

    I agree with Arthur when I was a kid the police stopped you and made you walk with your bike. Now it’s up on the pavement if the lights change,down the pavement at speed and I hasten to add not kids all the gear on cameras on the helmet etc. With all the gears that are now on cycles they go pretty fast an older person coming out of their gate is at risk of a nasty accident,what’s wrong with road?

  5. jennifer says:

    Lots of money is being spent on narrowing roads to provide cycle paths. What happens? The paths aren’t used and the roads are too narrow to accommodate cars and cyclists. I am thinking especially of Manchester Road beyond the Alexandra Hospital towards Parrswood. What a waste of public money!

  6. robert cohen says:

    I think spiteful is the wrong expression, but my main concern are the ever growing band of cyclists weaving in and out of traffic with there holier than thou attitude and riding three or more abreast, cutting the lights out and generally ignoring the Highway Code! I drive all over Stockport, Manchester and the parts of the northwest generally and find that those cyclists in everyday clothes tend to respect our road users and are seldom if ever aggressive. Just an observation.

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