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Barnes Hospital secured

by Lib Dem team on 21 September, 2015

The Lib Dem team have long worked to secure Barnes Hospital for Cheadle as the building declined year after year.

We are very pleased that work is well underway on the hospital building, which is being converted into apartments. Houses will be built around it on the site and the package altogether stacks up financially, making the whole thing possible.

barnes hospital

You can see the building from the A34 or the motorway slip roads but, for a closer view, there’s a path that runs from Kingsway across to Mill Lane where we took this photo.


7 Responses

  1. Mak says:

    Worried about the impact of the traffic. Its already difficult to get out of Cheadle/Gatley

  2. Arthur Lampkin says:

    How many of these will be affordable for first time buyers please and not inflated prices because of the area.

    We need more one and two bedroom properties for the younger generation to get on the property ladder not the three and four bedrooms properties as these are more for people already moving up the property ladder.

  3. bruce says:

    It doesn’t matter what spin you put on this as it means more traffic for the Gatley junction .Over 300 more vehicles.

  4. H.T.Mclean says:

    The traffic from Barnes Village is not extra traffic for Gatley Junction. It is replacement traffic for the loss of Barnes Hospital when it closed. I do however take the point.

  5. Halifax says:

    H.T Mclean – you may be right, but I would guess that Barnes Hospital, as it was, had population that, apart from the staff, didn’t commute daily

  6. David Johnson says:

    I regularly walk to Abney Park passing what used to be a pleasant tree-lined and quiet path alongside the Hospital – after getting away from the cycle tracks (used to be paths for feet) alongside the local roads. Yet more trees and grass turned to stone and glass and more breath-taking air instead of scenery!

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