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Lib Dem fight to save Stockport courts continues

by Lib Dem team on 24 September, 2015

save stockport courthouse

Thank you to everyone who has already signed our petition against the closure of Stockport’s courts and the cuts to police budgets. There’s still time to sign if you’ve not done so yet.

Stockport Courthouse comprises;
1) Magistrates Court
2) Family Court
3) County Court
4) Problem Solving Court
5) Youth Court
6) Tribunals

Despite our Conservative MP’s claim that people in Cheadle could easily get the train into Manchester (in her defence, she isn’t local so may not have realised Cheadle doesn’t have a rail station) we believe this is a terrible move for local people.

To give just a few of the problems – witnesses will have to travel to Manchester to give evidence. The Police will waste more time ferrying defendants around Greater Manchester – time they should be spending preventing and solving crimes. Children will have travel further to get to family courts, causing much more disruption. The Manchester courts aren’t big enough – not enough cells or meeting rooms, no cafeteria.

Local magistrates are all volunteers. Will they want to travel further into Manchester, adding hours onto their day?

It’s not even clear how much money this will save.

The Lib Dems are in favour of modernising the justice system, but this is the wrong approach. Please sign our petition and oppose it.

You can find more information on the Save our Stockport Courthouse Facebook group.

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  1. Margaret Parker says:

    The removal of the courthouse in Stockport will be an injustice for the whole of South Manchester. It can be used as a Justice centre to service South Manchester Macclesfield and also the High Peak, replacing out of date buildings and delivering justice in a safe secure confidential supported environment. The idea of ‘pop up courts’ in insecure premises is blatantly ridiculous in 21st century Britain.

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