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Bin day change and extra collection for some in Gatley

by Iain Roberts on 13 October, 2015

The vast majority of residents will see their current bin collection rota continue unchanged as the new calendars some out, but some houses in Gatley are seeing their bin collections change from Thursday to Wednesday. To make sure there’s no long gap an extra blue bin collection is being added for 4th November. The houses affected are on the South Park Road Estate, Gatley Road, Foxland/Springfield/Delamere/Torkington and roads off, the village centre and the Gatley side of Kingsway.


The Council is writing to everyone affected, saying:

You will shortly receive a new calendar which shows your new refuse and recycling collection dates for the next two years. This is effective from November 2015, please use this calendar from this date and recycle your old one.

By keeping the same number of collections but moving some to different days, we can save money.  We can do this by creating more efficient routes for the collection vehicles. We believe this is a sensible efficiency to make at a time when the Council is having to find a lot of savings.

These changes have resulted in collection days changing for a number of households. This means you would have an extended wait between blue bin collections.

We are therefore carrying out an additional collection of your blue bin on Wednesday 4th November 2015. Please ensure your blue bin is put out at its normal place by 7am ready to be collected.

All other collections will be carried out as shown on your new calendar.

We apologise for this disruption to your collections. Your patience and understanding is important and appreciated during this period.

Finally, thank you for recycling you helped Stockport Council recycle over 60% of the waste it collected last year.

For more information about recycling or to access your recycling calendar online visit


5 Responses

  1. Arthur Lampkin says:

    Need to try and do a further campaign with some sort of incentive to increase the % of recycling. People think they are to busy to do this but they need to know it takes a few minutes of their time and can make a difference. Please can you do something like this soon.

  2. Robert Cohen says:

    Blue bin. Hmmm. More junk mail to dispose then?

  3. Iain Roberts says:

    Hi Arthur,

    We will be looking at how we can increase recycling. We’re currently recycling about 61% of refuse in Stockport, which puts us in the top 10 in the country. We think the realistic maximum is probably around 70%, but there’s a trade-off against how much it would cost to get to 70% and also how much hassle it would cause to residents.

  4. Paula Isherwood says:

    A few years ago Gatley Road had a Wednesday collection but it was then changed to a Thursday. Now we are going back to Wednesday. Why were we changed in the first place?

  5. robert cohen says:

    On a serious note: we find its the brown bin that needs to be emptied more frequently. It’s frightening the number of cans, bottles, foil etc that are used during the course of a day.

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