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Keith attacks Govt plans to scrap Bobbies on the Beat

by Lib Dem team on 16 October, 2015

Keith Holloway is fighting against government plans to halve police numbers

Keith Holloway is fighting against government plans to halve police numbers

Keith Holloway has spoken out against Government plans to slash Police numbers across Stockport at a time of increasing violence and crime.

Keith, Lib Dem councillor for Cheadle and Gatley, said “Across Greater Manchester we could soon be down to just 4,000 police officers, half the number we had protecting us in 2010. The Greater Manchester Police Federation are asking what they should stop doing. One likely outcome I’ve heard time and again is that the regular patrols on our streets – the Bobbies on the beat – might have to be scrapped completely.”

A recent campaign Keith ran in Cheadle and Gatley opposed police cuts and government plans to close Stockport’s courthouse.

“It’s time for the Conservatives to come clean – are they the party of law and order or not? If the government gets its way, we will soon have no police on the beat at all. Will our local Conservative MP vote against Osborne’s budget proposals, or will she vote for cutting Police and boosting crime?”

Keith has vowed to continue to fight for the policing Cheadle and Gatley needs, and against the cuts our MP and her government want to impose on Greater Manchester police.



9 Responses

  1. Philip thomas says:

    I have yet to have any form of corespondance from our MP on what they are doing in the area or looking at does she exist ?

  2. Arthur Lampkin says:

    Need to go to the government and sort this out before anything awful happens. I also can’t understand why we have a police commissioner when bobbies are being taken off the beat, how can he give value for money when he is also the Mayor of Manchester. No one can do 2 full time jobs and give then their full support, he should be made to give one of these jobs up immediately.

  3. David Johnson says:

    Its an interesting policy – cut back-office staff to improve (reduce) crime statistics. Officers then must spend more time in the office – reducing reported crime even more since they are not on the beat. Wow! look how crime has gone down!! Look how solicitors business has increased. Look how the home security turnovers are improving. What a fantastic Government!!!

  4. Harry Bull says:

    Keith says that bobbies on the beat may have to be scrapped altogether – I live on Lorna Grove and we never see any bobbies so the so called changes won’t make any difference whatsoever !

  5. Iain Roberts says:

    Harry – numbers have fallen so Police focus on where the crimes are being committed. If the aren’t patrolling Lorna it may be because you’re not getting as many crimes committed there.

  6. Ian says:

    Does anybody know who our MP is???

  7. Iain Roberts says:

    Ian – think that information is on a need-to-know basis and I guess we don’t need to know!

  8. Bruce says:

    We started losing police officers under the last coalition

    Number of Officers as at 31st May 2010 = 8,106

    Number of Officers as at 30th Sept 2014 = 6,812

  9. Stuart Thompson says:

    You only have to look at certain parts of the United States to see how each law and order vacuum can be filled by private enterprise in the form of vigilante groups. There are parts of Greater Manchester where a similar thing is happening. Those mindless individuals who voted Tory have a lot to answer for.

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