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Iain calls on local MPs to explain tampon tax vote

by Lib Dem team on 2 November, 2015

Iain Roberts has challenged Cheadle MP Mary Robinson and Hazel Grove MP William Wragg to explain why they both voted to keep the “luxury” tax on women’s sanitary products – the so-called “tampon-tax”.

“The motion didn’t call for the tax to be scrapped, but for the Government to come up with a strategy to negotiate with the EU to scrap it.” Iain said. “In 2015 it’s baffling that tampons and other women’s sanitary products should be considered a luxury when children’s nappies are zero rated. I am asking Mary Robinson, Cheadle’s Conservative MP, and William Wragg for Hazel Grove why they voted against this proposal, as I think their constituents have a right to know.”


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  1. Scott Walters says:

    Men’s razors are not zero rated; they are subject to full VAT at 20%. The campaign to make sanitary products zero-rated or exempt is a good one that I support, but we need to get the basic facts right otherwise it undermines the argument. In addition, calling them ‘men’s razors’ sets this up as a men vs women argument which isn’t very helpful, and risks alienating support; last time I checked, women use razors too, after all.

  2. Bruce says:

    EVERY week you find something to criticise Mary Robinson so this is par for the course.

  3. Stephen Faulkner says:

    It seems to me that a TAMPON tax is ok as there there are other other means of ” protection ” for women approprately dressed ( as women ) , and the use of a TAMPON could be abused causing a “defect” to the internal passsage ie ” dried out ” not a pleasent thought
    Yes tax them
    Steve Faulkner

  4. David Maycock says:

    At the end of the day men have no idea what women go through in life, but it beggars believe that Mary Robinson never stood up for them, and has for Bruce no it is not par for the course its disgusting that women are treated for something that is part of there make up and can do nothing about.
    Who is Mary Robinson

  5. Harry Bull says:

    She’s only toeing the Party line – just like Mark Hunter did over EU membership, even though there is clearly a majority who want out.

  6. Iain Roberts says:

    Harry – on EU membership, nearly every poll shows more people want to stay in than leave, but even if that weren’t the case, Mark (like myself) is a strong supporter of the EU.

    Bruce – you mean every week Mary Robinson does something (or, more often, fails to do something) and I actually tell people about it. Perhaps Mary should work harder to represent the people of Cheadle.

  7. Lois Evans says:

    This tax is unfair – why should women have to pay a tax on essential items when it is recognised that disposable nappies are essential? Is Mary Robinson a bloke? Maybe she has no common cause with women

  8. Les Leckie says:

    I was disappointed in my Cheadle MP and I would like to hear her reasons.

  9. Graham says:

    It is Quite right that we tax these products – they go to landfill and are damaging our planet – There are plenty of reusable alternatives. It is these products that should be vat free

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