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Speed signs on Styal Road

by Iain Roberts on 10 November, 2015

Flashing speed signs are now operational on Styal Road, along the section where residents told us there are the biggest problems with speeding vehicles.

The signs also measure the speed of vehicles, so will give us useful information as to how fast cars are actually travelling.



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  1. Jonathan says:

    Did any one think about the position of the signs before they were installed!!! The one coming down into Gatley from the Airport is obscured by the telegraph post situated about 30cm in front of the post the flasing sign is loacted on. Quite frankly it’s useless!!

  2. Rob says:

    Sign only goes up to 99 mph how am I supposed to test the top speed of my McLaren P1

  3. Ciaran says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Jonathan’s comment . I mean what were they thinking when I located there ?? Very very poor location . Obscured by a telegraph pole . It’s completely pointless and the other one is located just around a bend were you wouldn’t be doing over 30 anyway . . Try the section of styal road from the church road junction .

  4. David says:

    Ciaran and Jonathan’s comments reflect my thoughts. Speed sensors are ineffective and possibly inaccurate on bends and the telegraph pole really does obscure one of the signs. The end of a straight section of road is the obvious location for these signs where speeding cars hurtle into the bends, often straddling the centre lines. Suggest southbound by the Pymgate Lodge and northbound near South Drive or near the junction with Lomond Road? I rather doubt that local residents were consulted when considering the current locations. More thought and a bit of common sense needed here….

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Thanks for the comments. I’ll check about the placement.

      – yes, residents were consulted on the area of the road to be monitored and the section being done is where we’ve had the most complaints and concerns raised about speeding.
      – the sensor certainly works – I’ve been past and it correctly picks up my speed. The issue is that you can’t clearly see the readout until you’re quite close.

      There may be technical reasons why that was the best location even with the telegraph pole, but I’ll make enquiries.

      • Ian says:

        I agree with the previous comments about the position of the indicator behind the telegraph pole.I would have thought that there should be a clear view some way before the indicator so that drivers can hopefully adjust their speed.When I have passed I could only see one digit.
        Incidentally as of yesterday the indicator from Gatley towards Heald Green was not working.

  5. Lesley says:

    Typical of council workers to put a speeding sign up with a telegraph pole right through the middle!!!!

  6. Jb says:

    The northbound one would be in a good location but for the telegraph pole. Recent observations show about 10% of traffic exceeding 40mph.

    Suggest southbound one should be near Pymgate to Lomond Road.

    Noted that Northbound one was not working last Wednesday night about 11.15pm.

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