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Greater Manchester Muslims issue Paris statement

by Lib Dem team on 15 November, 2015

The following is a statement issued by the Greater Manchester Muslim community on Fridat evening as the extent of the terrorist attacks in Paris became apparent

Paris is an attack on us all.

This is an emergency statement in relation to the ongoing terror attacks in Paris

The Greater Manchester Muslim community note with deep shock and sadness the fast developing terrorist attacks in Paris. Our thoughts are with the French people and authorities. We pray for the safety of all the hostages.

We also pray for the relatives and friends of those who have lost their lives so tragically.

This attack is an attack on us all; no one can justify such calculated murder of innocent people. Let’s hope that the perpetrator’s are brought to justice and feel the full weight of the law.

 Usman Choudry of Cheadle Muslims Association states : “I am simply lost for words at this moment, this is truly horrific and our thoughts are with the French authorities and people in this tragic moment. The Manchester Muslim Community pray this dangerous situation is contained, and we wish the authorities every success in their task. We ask all to remain vigilant and to cooperate with the authorities; we must ensure that these killers do not divide us.”

Qadir Ahmad Chohan Chair of Manchester Council of Mosques states, “The Paris terror attacks which we are seeing in our news channels are an attack on us all. We pray and hope that the attacks are swiftly brought to an end. We send our condolences to the bereaved families. And we hope that any perpetrators are brought to justice and harshly punished” 

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  1. Andrew Armstrong says:

    Let’s hope the terrible events in Paris, will prove to be a watershed in the fight against Daesh.

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