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Keith attacks Conservative threat to Cheadle and Gatley shops

by Lib Dem team on 30 November, 2015

Keith Holloway has attacked Conservative plans to make small traders pay £1,000 more tax from next year.

“For some shops on our high streets, a thousand pounds makes a real difference. The Conservatives have not touched the big boys, but are happy to take money from small village traders struggling to stay afloat.” he said.

George Osborne has ended the business rate relief for small retailers that allowed struggling shops to save £1,000 in the year to March 2015 and £1,500 in the current financial year.

The Mail on Sunday is reporting that Mary Portas and retail veteran Bill Grimsey expressed their frustration with the Government, which has saved £417m with the move.

“With some big businesses paying pitiful taxes, how about supporting the people who impact on our real life communities?” Ms Portas asked, while Mr Grimsey said: “There is no interest in small retail businesses surviving or what might happen to town centres. The Government is burying the subject.”

“The Liberal Democrats will always fight for the small retailer, the small business and the sole trader,” said Keith.


9 Responses

  1. Ian says:

    We have just heard on the news that Cadbury the Chocolate company now have off shore tax arrangements that means they pay practically zero into the Revenue. Isn’t it about time the emphasis is put on these companies rather than penalise the little high street trader.

    • Halifax says:

      I haven’t seen the accounts for Cadbury but I’d wager that the Revenue does alright out of them.

      They will be paying business rates.
      NI for their employees.
      The wages they pay their staff will be taxed.
      They will be paying VAT.
      And probable the new ‘apprentice’ (tax) levy that has now been dreamed up.

      So to try and indicate that big companies like Cadbury pay no tax to the Revenue is inaccurate.

      And as I have indicated in previous posts, there is only so much tax a government can get (approx. 39% of GDP), which is where we are now.

  2. Rick says:

    If you live locally then shop locally and support the local traders and businesses and help keep our villages vibrant places to visit.

    Can’t agree more that the multinational companies should be dealt with more severely. If they trade in the UK they should pay tax on revenue/profits made in the UK. All loopholes should be closed urgently and people should boycott these companies until they fall in line. Totally unfair trading conditions are not in the interest of this country or our local businesses.

  3. Bruce says:

    If you ‘always fight for the small retailer, the small business and the sole trader’ why didn’t you reduce the rates when you were in office?

    • Halifax says:

      Bruce, probably for the same reason that they were against tuition fees when not in office, and for them when they were.

      When not in office it is very easy to be generous with other people’s money

  4. Iain Roberts says:

    Bruce – yes, the Lib Dems did support business rate revaluation when in office, but we weren’t able to push it through the Treasury (not controlled by the Lib Dems) or the PM.

    To be fair, it’s a complex issue and any rate revaluation would take a long time and create both winners and losers.

    The big change coming along is the localisation of business rates and the Lib Dems are pushing for local councils to have more control over that.

    The scheme Osborne is dropping was exactly the sort of scheme that got round the business rates issue by giving a boost to local traders, which is why it’s so frustrating that it’s being dropped now the Conservatives are governing alone.

  5. Arthur Lampkin says:

    Guess everyone needs to use the local shops more now then and stop just saying they will and then the shops will not feel this increase as bad. It won’t make much difference to the restaurants of takeaways. It is the others shops that need your support. Please just spend a little bit with them otherwise they will be gone and then how would you feel?

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