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Victorian Market braves the wind

by Lib Dem team on 5 December, 2015

The Kingsway School band playing at St Mary's Church

The Kingsway School band playing at St Mary’s Church

Thank you to everyone involved in making Cheadle’s Victorian Christmas Market such a success. Yet again, the event spread across the village centre, from the funfair behind the White Hart to the Makers’ Market on the Green, from the music in St Mary’s Church to the craft fair in Trinity it was a great event.

The Park & Ride at Kingsway worked well (I’d recommend giving it a try if you didn’t this year – much quicker and less hassle than driving around all the roads and car parks trying to grab a space).


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  1. Rick says:

    Totally agree Iain.

    Congratulations to all those involved in the organisation of the event and the many volunteers on the day.

  2. Les Leckie says:

    I’ve not heard of the Kingsway Park and Ride, Iain. Was it well advertised? Sounds like part of the answer to the parking problems the markets exacerbate. I wonder how many stall holders occupied spaces in the village which would been better value if left for customers?

  3. Iain Roberts says:

    Les – it was on the leaflets and there were posters for it around the car parks (so if you drove to the car parks and failed to find a space, you’d have seen the poster for the part and ride). Overall there was enough parking around (the park & ride never got full). I have no idea where individual stall holders parked.

  4. bob says:

    the park and ride never got full because cars were parking all along both sides of Wilmslow road as far as Schools Hill, half on the footpath. and yet there were plenty of signs advertising the Park & Ride.

  5. Julie Kingdon says:

    The Park & Ride was a great idea but I thought that the signs advertising the service, which were printed in green & yellow, were not easy to read unless you were right on top of them. .

  6. Moira Bowers says:

    The stall holders parked yet again in our avenue. They have absolutely no consideration to residents. Why not allocate parking for them in Abney or elsewhere.

  7. Mike Stewart says:

    Also agree that the market was a brilliant idea from the outset despite some village people and traders thinking otherwise – a fantastic success last week and long may it continue! On the parking front, I hear Cheadle is to get a new 200 space car park on the old coal yard site, accessible when Travis Perkins vacate their site along Lime Grove. Although still some time away, this is an even better result for Cheadle residents, shoppers and traders – well done Lib Dems for making this happen! MS

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