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Flooding in the North

by Iain Roberts on 28 December, 2015

Our thoughts go out to all those affected by flooding across the North, and we would like to thank the emergency services and army troops who have worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone is safe.

mersey parrs

Thankfully our area has not suffered. Stockport has the benefit of being on relatively high ground. In the town itself the river runs quite deep and there’s no housing along the banks nearby.

We walked along the Mersey to check on the 27th – it’s high and fast-flowing but nowhere near bursting the banks.

The Environment Agency identifies small areas of flood risk in our area – some housing near the Mersey and others near Micker Brook.



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  1. Robert Cohen says:

    Cleaning out the drains and gullies is a good way to prevent localised such problems in our area. I know for a fact that some flooding can be averted by regular maintenance of drains etc. Whilst the new pavements in the centre of Cheadle may have looked pretty when first done, they are already looking sad and tired from chewing gum, take-away litter and weathering. And my 90 year old mother tripped over a loose flag the other week. A jet wash and some attention to the drains would have been more beneficial – note the junction of Kingsway/Gatley Road after heavy rain as an example.

  2. Peter Rowley says:

    A good point with regard to ensuring that the drains are cleared out. At the junction of the A34/Gatley Road traffic lights (a very frequent point of flooding and has been for years) towards Cheadle the surface water drains flood on a regular basis. I have written to the council on an annual basis. Whilst in fairness they do respond by sending a lorry along that extracts the muck it does not solve the problem as they always flood shortly afterwards. Even today with modest rainfall the drains are flooding.
    I also worry for cyclists who have to take a wide line around the water given that there is almost always a car close behind.

  3. Iain Roberts says:

    While the pooling of water we see locally is a long way from the flooding we’ve seen in places like Rochdale and Salford, you’re absolutely right that the council and United Utilities need to keep on top of keeping drains, gulleys and sewers clear.

  4. Keith Huxley says:

    It is little use saying the council need to keep on top of cleaning gulley’s out when the do not.
    I reported 9 months ago over 50 per cent of the gulley’s between the Tatton Cinema and Kingsway blocked also those on Old Hall Road three out of four blocked on the clinic side.
    The situation is just the same as I reported to you not two weeks ago.
    I agree with Peter Rowley, the gulley’s need unblocking,
    not a cosmetic clean.

  5. Chris Reynolds says:

    Just an observation, but the photograph above shows what the people all over flooded parts of the UK have been complaining about: broken trees and general debris brought down by flowing water, causes further flooding and damage because the responsible authorities don’t do anything to clear them. So, is the photograph a recent one of somewhere in Stockport? And if so, has the tree been removed?

  6. Keith Huxley says:

    It looks like the River Mersey Bridge on Manchester Road,
    Cheadle on the border with Parrs Wood opposite what used to be the Galleon Swimming Baths.

  7. Alan Gent says:

    Yes it is Keith. We walked past on New Year’s Eve and it’s a substantial tree obviously brought down the river from nearer Stockport.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I agree with all that has been written so far. However, ‘they’ have tried to sort out the Micker Brook at the junctions of Bruntwood Lane and Cheadle Road and Daylesford Road and Barcheston Road by fitting metal filters to stop the brook being clogged with debris. BUT these filters never seem to be cleaned out, so what is the point of them?

    • Ian says:

      Jennifer totally agree with you . The cage at the bottom of Bruntwood Lane is full of Debris and will cause a flood if we get a lot of rain so perhaps a call to United Utilities is required Iain Roberts.

  9. John says:

    I’m thinking along the lines of Keith’s “It is little use saying the council need to keep on top of cleaning gulley’s out”. They can’t as long as councils are strangled by westminster.

  10. Samuel says:

    The micker brook cage at bruntwood lane does block easily and has caused the stream to flood 3 times recently and could cause a serious accident in years to come.

  11. Samuel says:

    Totaly agree with Jennifer

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