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Your experiences of Wythenshawe Hospital wanted

by Lib Dem team on 15 January, 2016

We’ve received the following request:

Dear South Manchester Stakeholder

As you may know Care Quality Commission (CQC) will be inspecting the University Hospital Of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust at the end of January 2016. We are now contacting you to ask for your help to promote this new inspection on Twitter and other Social Media.
We have a CQC Twitter regional account – @CQCInYourArea – which we use to promote forthcoming inspections in the 4 regions. We would appreciate your help to retweet our messages. Here is the link to our South Manchester Tweet today –
We want to hear peoples experiences of patients and families using Trust services in the last 12 months. This is useful to us as it helps to build up a picture of current performance before going into the Trust. It may influence where and how we decide to inspect.
Promotion of the South Manchester Listening Event (Thurs 21st Jan 2016)
Patients and families who have used the Trust Acute or Community services can come to our South Manchester Listening Event at Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre, Portway, Wythenshawe, Manchester, M22 1QW on Thursday 21st January (6.00pm – 7.30pm).
They can come to speak to an Inspector in a small group about their experiences of care and how they think the Trust can improve. We will give a brief overview at the start about the UHSM Inspection process and answer patients questions about the Inspection. Then the table discussions will start.
South Manchester Listening Event website link
This link gives details of venue details and a map; a link to log any special requirements (e.g. for a translator); and sign up to receive alerts when we publish our inspection report.
University Hospital of South Manchester Inspection website link
This link gives details of the whole Inspection, the hospital sites inspected. People can leave their experiences online for each site.
Many ways to share experiences
We are keen to invite people to attend Listening Events to give their experiences.But if they are unable to attend or don’t want to they can still share their experience in the following ways…
Patients and families views can be passed to the inspection team by:
•          Visiting CQC website link:   
•          Email:
•          Letter: CQC, Citygate, Gallowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4PA
•          Phone: 03000 61 61 61
•          In person: The Inspection Team will be speaking to patients when on site during the course of the inspection to get their views.

9 Responses

  1. Clare Forrest says:

    The website link shown takes you to an authentication process which presumes you have an account set up already. Impossible to access.

  2. Mr S Powell says:

    I have had treatment several times in different departments, and I have been treated every time with care and understanding, all the staff including civilian helpers, nurses, and doctors have done their very best for me, the only problem is that there are not enough parking spaces, thank you to all at Wythenshawe

    From Stan Powell

  3. Angela brunt says:

    Cant access the website as its asking for username & passwords. Thats a great start !

  4. Adrienne Conway says:

    Tried all the links and come up with locked accounts. Would be happy to add my very positive comments on the hospital if there was a way to do so!

  5. Robert Cohen says:

    a simple access form would be the best way to go. very positive views of treatment fro family over the years – although the room on the ward my mum was on last year had clearly not been cleaned properly for years – perhaps the admin could do it and let the nurses and doctors get on with their work!

  6. Brian Clark says:

    Please can you let the Care Quality Commission know that they have provided three online links, which cannot be accessed without a User Name and Password. This has already been reported by Clare Forrest and Adrienne Conway.
    This shows the CQC in a bad light and does not encourage people to provide feedback.

  7. Dan de Kretser says:

    I had a pacemaker fitted in the Heart Unit at Wythenshawe Hospital on the 11th of August 2011 under the care of Dr S.G
    Williams and his team.
    I received exceptional care from everyone who dealt with my
    Illness and I was very impressed by their skills in treating me and the equipment they used to do so.
    Since then I have received regular outpatient care at the hospital and my pacemaker is still working well,and I will be extremely upset if this unit and Hospiital is downgraded in any form.

  8. Andrew Armstrong says:

    I was in Wythenshawe just under a year ago, for an operation on my waterworks. The operation went well; and I was well looked after by the by the friendly, caring staff.

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