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Masterplan for new Stockport Station revealed

by Lib Dem team on 28 January, 2016

The Council has launched a Masterplan for a new Stockport Station.

The proposed scheme would see two modern station halls build – one on each side of the railway – with a new glass bridge across the top connecting to the platforms. It has space for the proposed tram/train Metrolink line to connect in from the new Transport Interchange, for more shops in the station and for more development around it.


The aim is for the existing underpass to become a public passageway. Access to the station would be from the top of the Edgeley side and from Stockport Exchange on the town side.



This is the first stage in the proposal and there could be a long way to go. These developments are funded as partnerships between different organisations and the council is just one of those. Stockport is a popular and well-used station with passenger numbers forecast to continue to increase.

You can read the whole Masterplan presentation here.

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  1. Alex Masidlover says:

    I may not be reading it correctly, but it looks like the new station is a higher priority than the tram/train link. Surely the tram/train link has a stronger business case for economic improvement? Or is it one of those cases where Stockport Council can’t actually implement the tram/train link due to other constraints so they may as well do something else with the money?

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