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Iain elected Lib Dem leader in Stockport

by Iain Roberts on 13 May, 2016

Following the local elections, Cllr Iain Roberts has been elected as Lib Dem leader on Stockport Council, with Cllr Mark Hunter elected as the Lib Dem Deputy Leader.

As Labour are now the largest party in Stockport (with 23 seats out of 63, compared to 21 seats for the Lib Dems and 14 for the Conservatives), Labour now take control of Stockport Council and the Lib Dems become the main opposition party. The Lib Dems won the most seats in the local elections last week (winning 9, with Labour taking 8, the Conservatives 3 and Independent Ratepayers 1).

“I would like to congratulate the Labour Group on becoming the largest party,” said Iain. “The 21 Liberal Democrat councillors will work for local residents as we have always done, and will be a constructive opposition on Stockport Council, holding Labour to account and protecting the interests of the people of our Borough.”


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  1. Ruth Hill. says:

    Congratulations to you both. I feel you have always worked so hard to get things done in this area. You always respond so quickly. It is very impressive.

  2. Robert Cohen says:

    Great news for Stockport! Having a Labour controlled council can only bring joy and happiness to businesses, road users and the local population at large – one if the reasons I moved from Didsbury 29 years ago…….

    • Halifaix says:

      I agree, I wouldn’t want Stockport to morph into a Manchester

    • Halifaix says:

      Whilst I don’t use the cycle lanes in Didsbury I do use the ones that in Rusholme, and I must admit I have my concerns about them.

      I think they were designed with help from the Dutch, however their culture is very much into cycling and therefore other road users are fully aware of cyclists. The ones in Rusholme and Didsbury I think rely on this ‘Dutch’ cultural attitude, which we do not have – hence the danger

      • Halifaix says:

        Sorry this message (see above) was meant to be associated with Robert’s comments about cycle lanes in Didsbury (see below)

  3. Art Lampkin says:

    I hate it when you say you are in the opposition to Labour and that you will hold Labour to account. This is no parliament and you should all be working together to make things better for the people who elected you in this special position. The sooner you all realise this is not a case of we did better than you type of school yard behaviour the better, I am sure all of the Electorate are sick to death of it. Sorry for the rant but feel all this infighting stops things being done and so long as things get done most people don’t care who did it. PLEASE JUST ALL WORK TOGETHER FOR THE BEST RESULTS FOR YOUR AREA. Thank you

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Art – Which would you prefer – a cosy group of politicians sorting everything out behind closed doors and then agreeing in public, or a genuine public debate where differences are aired?

      It’s about being constructive, but opposition is important. There are different options and views, and its in the interests of voters for those to be properly and publicly consdiered.

  4. Robert Cohen says:

    I wasnt being negative, but look at the bike lanes in Didsbury – dangerous and I have yet to see more than one bike at a time using it! (Same goes for Manchester Road, where north bound cyclists don’t use the ghost-like cycle lane). Unfortunately, labour controlled councils do have a reputation for being plonkers!

    • Bruce says:

      As a cyclist I take the shortest route – so when travelling on Kingsway I stick to the A34 and the main Manchester road between Didsbury and Cheadle.
      Incidentally has anyone ever seen a cyclist use the Cheadle ‘bypass’ down Warren Avenue? Utter farce.

  5. Les Leckie says:

    Well done Iain. Well done Mark.

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