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Poll supports GM Mayor – but what do YOU think?

by Iain Roberts on 16 May, 2016

ComRes polled 500 people across Greater Manchester to find out what we all think about having a mayor for Greater Manchester. With Parliament just sorting out the details, Greater Manchester is set to vote for our first elected mayor next May (2017).

The poll found:

  • 45% of people knew about the plan for an elected mayor, but 54% didn’t.
  • 59% thought the elected mayor should have more powers than elected council leaders, with just 24% thinking they shouldn’t.
  • People thought the top priorities for the elected mayor (in order) should be healthcare, emergency services, schools & under-16 education, housing, social care and transport.
  • When asked about just the issues the elected mayor will have control over, the list of top priorities was integrating health and social care, affordable housing, a strategic plan for Greater Manchester, more road and rail investment and more homes.

You can see the full polling information here.

What do YOU think an elected Mayor for Greater Manchester should be doing? Let us know.


5 Responses

  1. Robert Cohen says:

    How do I apply?

  2. Iain Roberts says:

    Good luck with it Robert 🙂 Just fill in the nomination papers next March.

  3. Halifaix says:

    One extra political layer we can do without. But more jobs for the boys

  4. Les Leckie says:

    Whoever it is they will not be a breath of fresh air.

  5. Arthur Lampkin says:

    The only way I am really in favour of this is if we get rid of the Local Mayors there is only need for one Mayor so why keep these outdated posts or if they are to be as well as the Manchester Mayor then let them fund themselves if they want the post then we will see who wants to do it to serve the people or not.

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