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Anger as UU fails to fix noisy manhole cover after TWO MONTHS

by Iain Roberts on 17 May, 2016

Gatley residents are fed up after United Utilities went back on a commitment to fix a noisy manhole cover, more than TWO MONTHS after it was first reported.

Andrea Hollinshead and her family have been kept awake by the manhole cover UU have failed to repair

Andrea Hollinshead and her family have been kept awake by the manhole cover UU have failed to repair

The manhole cover is on the main Gatley Road by the station. Every day thousands of cars and lorries drive over it and it clacks loudly with every one.

Local resident Andrea Hollinshead said “We hear it every day at every time we’re in the house. At bedtime everything else is quiet and from the minute we go to bed that is all we hear until we go to sleep and from six o’clock on the morning we hear it again. I’ve not had a full night’s sleep since March.”

Cheadle and Gatley councillor Iain Roberts said “United Utilities originally said they would do a temporary fix and then repair it properly on May 16th. There was no temporary fix and we’re now told that it won’t be repaired until June 16th – and that’s if UU don’t put it back again. There are at least forty flats and houses near enough to hear the noise and for UU to just leave it for this long is unacceptable.”

Iain is calling on United Utilities to fix the manhole cover immediately.

“Even if they fixed it tomorrow, it would still be later than they had promised,” he said.



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  1. Harry Bull says:

    Even though I wouldn’t normally encourage any illegal activity, why don’t the local residents take the manhole cover off, and surround it with warning bollards etc., I’ll bet UU would act fairly quickly then!!
    Yours in sympathy

  2. Paula Isherwood says:

    Andrea and family have my deepest sympathy. I only hear it as I walk up Gatley Road and Oakwood Avenue and that is more than enough. Pity you can’t insist the Manager of UU camp out under the railway bridge for a night – that would make him/her get a move on.

  3. Jean Skitt says:

    Have heard it many times when waiting to turn left out of Cambridge rd,and that is enough..what it must be like for Andrea and other close residents is a nightmare……

  4. Roy says:

    If the council are powerless to force United Utilities to repair man hole cover then the council should do the repair and charge United Utilities for the work plus a 10% surcharge.
    Failing this the council should park a van over the manhole until it’s repaired. Another option is to record the sounds made throughout a typical night and then play these sounds outside your local councillors house until it’s repaired.
    We are still waiting for the council to force the councils preferred contractor to return and rectifie the shoody paving/loose paving in Cheadle High Street Rant over

  5. Jane says:

    I pass this every day & always try & avoid going over the cover out of sympathy for nearby residents. If we lived there though, with all the failed promises, my husband would have cemented it over himself by now!

  6. John says:

    Andrea, you and your family and the local people in earshot should not have to suffer this. I only have to suffer it when I walk into the village, and that is enough for me. I am not very clever with social media but I suspect that that might be a way to embarrass UU into action.

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