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Slices through time in Greater Manchester

by Lib Dem team on 17 August, 2013

An interesting read, produced after a four year study in Greater Manchester, this looks at how our environment has changed over the last 150 years. Though not specific to Cheadle & Gatley, it does reference Stockport in quite a few places. Well worth a look for anyone with an interest in history.

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Cheadle Archery Club’s history revealed

by Lib Dem team on 16 August, 2013

This article, a fascinating insight into a piece of Cheadle history, is written by David Hulme and printed here with permission. CHEADLE ARCHERS – a Victorian archery club. When Cheadle Archers was formed  in 1871 they were to include among their ranks one of the most prominent men in the region – someone who forms […]

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Brian Moston and the Carrs Wood Hunters

by Lib Dem team on 4 June, 2013

When I first moved to Gatley a little over a decade ago, I was quite excited to see a cycle track marked on my Ordnance Survey map –  just down the road on Gatley Carrs. I went down to take a look and to my frustration, I found the track was no more – long […]

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This caught my eye – it’s original footage (edited) taken around 1900 – at the end of Victoria’s reign or the early days of the Edwardian period. The first part of the film looks to be from Manchester – probably the city centre. The streets looked busier and probably more dangerous back then than they […]

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Did you know that Stockport Libraries have nearly 40,000 historic photos online and fully searchable, with photos going back over 120 years. View and search the library at the Image Archive page and there are hundreds of photographs of Cheadle and Gatley included in the archive. For example:

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Stockport Town Centre 1930s-1960s

by Lib Dem team on 15 March, 2013

In the 1930s the good people of Stockport decided that building a road over the River Mersey was an excellent idea – it opened in 1940.  In 1964 the Merseyway Shopping Centre was constructed on top of that road.  At the time a cutting edge shopping centre, Merseyway is now showing its age. This photo […]

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Gatley – a local history

by Lib Dem team on 11 September, 2012

I was kindly invited by the University of the Third Age (U3A) to give a talk on the history of Gatley. Aware that there are local historians far more accomplished than me, I didn’t try to cover every detail, but aimed to give a flavour of the people of Gatley and what it might have […]

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A look back: should a girl be sexy at 15?

by Lib Dem team on 21 August, 2012

Most of would feel more than a little uncomfortable at the idea of a man in his early forties dating a girl not yet sixteen – especially if she insists they’re “just good friends” and he says he wants to marry her. Seems a bit…creepy. But rugged Hollywood actor John Ireland was happy to admit […]

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A look back: the jazz rioters of 1956

by Lib Dem team on 13 August, 2012

The mid 1950s were, it turns out, little different to any other period in history: the popular press were in no doubt at all that teenagers were up to no good and it had all gone downhill since their parents’ day. Picturegoer Magazine (a 1950s equivalent of Heat) decided to investigate – were these “Jazz […]

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The first ever issue of The Sun newspaper, from September 15 1964, has a couple of Stockport related stories. One of the stories will be familiar to every modern-day Stockport resident: Stockport County losing 1-0 at home to Hartlepools Utd (as it was called until 1968), although County had won the previous week in a […]

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