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Planning application to add storey to Silverdale shops

by Lib Dem team on 29 April, 2015

A planning application has been submitted to the council to add a new storey to the shops/flats on Silverdale Road next to the High Grove pub, created six new flats across the top. The planning application is 58292 – you can see it here and make your comments.

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Kingsway School submit cycle hub planning application

by Lib Dem team on 29 April, 2015

Kingsway School have submitted a planning application 58392 for a new central cycle hub on the Broadway campus, to be funded from the Cycle Ambition Grant being used to improve facilities across Greater Manchester.    

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Residents of Greenbank Road in Gatley (off Northenden Road, opposite Gatley Rec) have long complained about parking problems. Between residents and customers for the vets on the corner the road often gets jammed up. A while back the Lib Dems had double yellow lines painted to stop people parking on the inside of the bend […]

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More good news on Cheadle parking

by Lib Dem team on 31 March, 2015

Mark, Graham and the Lib Dem team have been working to improve parking in Cheadle village. Over the last few years the village has got busier with more shops, cafes and restaurants and – as a result – more people wanting to park. Last week we told you that we were freeing up ten spaces […]

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Cheadle Area Committee (covering the three wards of Heald Green, Cheadle & Gatley and Cheadle Hulme North) meets at 6pm on Tuesday 10th March 2015. It’s a public meeting and all are welcome to come to the Ladybridge Park Residents Club, Edenbridge Road, Cheadle Hulme. If you have anything you want to say on the […]

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Travis Perkins to move away from Cheadle

by Lib Dem team on 19 February, 2015

Travis Perkins plan to move away from their current Cheadle site (off Lime Grove) towards the end of 2015, relocating to Sharston. Although there have been lots of rumours flying around as to what might happen to the site, or what might already have been discussed, that’s really (as far as we know) all there […]

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Dickens Property Group, owners of the Tatton, have told the Lib Dem team they are bringing forward new plans to develop the site. We don’t currently have details of their proposals, but initial discussions have taken place between the architects working for Dickens and the Council’s planning team. We are giving the news a cautious […]

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New Barnes Hospital planning application submitted

by Lib Dem team on 6 January, 2015

A new planning application has been submitted for the development of the Barnes Hospital site, with 38 apartments to go into the hospital building itself and a further 117 new houses around it. This is a substantial reduction on the 300 homes previously proposed in the planning application granted a couple of years ago. Overall […]

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New proposal for Barnes Hospital site

by Lib Dem team on 26 November, 2014

A while back we gave planning permission for the latest proposals to save Barnes Hospital – converting the hospital building into apartments and building a mix of apartments and houses on the land around it so it all stacked up financially. As most of you will know, that didn’t go ahead and the Barnes site […]

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Stockport planning applications are all mapped out

by Lib Dem team on 8 October, 2014

Did you know that you can now search for Stockport planning applications, old and new, on a user-friendly map. You can see applications from the last 30 days, 3 years or everything that’s on the database (pretty much every application since 2000), and click on a property to get the details.

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