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Tatton site update

by Lib Dem team on 29 July, 2014

Local readers of our website may remember our twin-track approach to getting the former Tatton Cinema site in Gatley sorted out. The site’s privately owned and has stood empty for more than a decade, after the cinema closed down. Dickens, who own the site, have told us for well over a year that they’re trying […]

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Lib Dem Success: Potholes fixed in front of Tatton

by Lib Dem team on 5 April, 2014

For some time we’ve been pressing the owners of the private road in front of the Tatton cinema site to repair the potholes. The Council has recently repaired the large potholes on the unadopted road to the side of the site. We’re very glad to see that the potholes to the front were repaired on […]

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This week I signed off an updated Development Brief for the Tatton site – the next step in our campaign to get the site sorted. Last week we launched our campaign to CPO the Tatton. We’ve no objection at all to the current owners bringing forward a scheme, but more than a year after we […]

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Tatton pothole progress

by Lib Dem team on 12 December, 2013

For some time we’ve been working to get the potholes around the former Tatton cinema repaired.  If they were on Council roads it would be simple and would have been done long ago, but the road in front of the Tatton is private and the road to the side is unadopted (as far as we […]

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Tatton cinema site update

by Lib Dem team on 21 December, 2012

I recently had a meeting with Dickens, the owners and developers of the former Tatton cinema site we all want to see something happen to. We’ve been told to expect new proposals to be brought forward early in the new year, and have been assured that the developers want to get moving. After ten years, […]

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Tatton cinema makeover completed

by Lib Dem team on 7 January, 2012

The former Tatton Cinema has now completed its makeover, with the banner going up on Friday. This has been paid for by the owner of the site, not from taxpayers’ money! Whilst this is an improvement on how the site has looked recently, we want this to be short term only. We firmly believe that […]

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Tatton site update

by Lib Dem team on 30 June, 2011

Paul Lawrence, who heads up Regeneration at Stockport Council, came to the Gatley Village Partnership on Tuesday. Although he didn’t have anything new to tell us about progress on the Tatton site, this seems like a good opportunity to say where we are. Everyone in the village wants something to happen to the Tatton site, […]

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Gatley’s Tatton site up for sale

by Lib Dem team on 30 April, 2010

Following the failure of the Tatton’s current owners to get their plans (for a convenience store and care home) approved, the site is up for sale. As before, the Lib Dem Council is working hard behind the scenes to get a positive outcome and I’ll report back when I’ve something firm to report.

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Council successfully defends Tatton decision

by Lib Dem team on 13 April, 2010

We’ve received notification today that the planning inspector has rejected the developer’s appeal on Gatley’s Tatton cinema site. Last year, the Council rejected the application for a small supermarket and a care home on the site and the developer appealed against the decision. The inspector has decided that the appeal fails, and the Council’s decision […]

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Tatton cinema site appeal was today

by Lib Dem team on 10 March, 2010

I spent today in the appeal over the Tatton cinema site.  The developers were appealing against the Council’s rejection of plans for a small supermarket and a care home. The short report is that the Inspector heard both sides, had a site visit and will make his decision in around six weeks time. Now for […]

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