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Why public transport is essential to keep us moving

by Lib Dem team on 16 December, 2015

Traffic has always been pretty bad around Cheadle and Gatley, but there’s no doubt it’s got even worse in the years I’ve been living here. Longer queues, and at more times of the day too – it’s not just in rush hour any more. I’ll often come through Gatley around noon to find it completely […]

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The media is reporting that Amazon plans to build a huge depot at Airport City, south of Wythenshawe. That’s great news for jobs, as its forecast to employ between 1,000 and 1,500 people and we welcome it. The Lib Dems have been arguing for some time that building at Airport City without improving the transport […]

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Complaints flood in about Northern Rail

by Lib Dem team on 25 November, 2015

Last week we said that we had been receiving complaints about Northern Rail fining people for not having a ticket at Piccadilly Station when there was no chance to buy one beforehand. We didn’t realise that it would open the flood-gates! Complaints about Northern Rail’s behaviour have poured in over the last few days and […]

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Have your say on town centre plans

by Lib Dem team on 21 November, 2015

The Council is currently consulting on two of the big transport schemes for Stockport Town Centre. The Transport Interchange project, run in partnership with TfGM, will replace the old bus station with a new, modern transport interchange. Phase 2 of the Town Centre Access Plan brings forward more improvements to help people get around Stockport […]

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Northern Rail hand out Gatley penalty fares

by Lib Dem team on 20 November, 2015

The Lib Dems have asked Northern Rail why Gatley station users are being given penalty fares when they’ve done nothing wrong. Gatley station has no ticket machine and it’s always been the case that you can pay on the station (if the ticket office is open), on the train (if there’s a guard to sell […]

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After several reports and far too much discussion – but no actual decisions – the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee finally got to the point today where the proposal for a limited trial of allowing dogs on trams would be voted on – something the Lib Dems have been pushing for for some months now. […]

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Speed signs on Styal Road

by Lib Dem team on 10 November, 2015

Flashing speed signs are now operational on Styal Road, along the section where residents told us there are the biggest problems with speeding vehicles. The signs also measure the speed of vehicles, so will give us useful information as to how fast cars are actually travelling.  

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Two improvements for Gatley station

by Lib Dem team on 9 November, 2015

Gatley Station will see two small improvements over the next few months. The ticket office door will be changed to an automatic door. And a proper cycle stand will be installed for bike parking. These are both small things, on top of other improvements at the station over the last few years. While it’s good […]

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A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road on track

by Lib Dem team on 13 October, 2015

Councillors from Cheshire East, Stockport and Manchester had an update briefing on progress with the A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road yesterday. The project is on schedule to complete in 2017. As you’d expect in any large project of this sort, some elements are taking a little longer than planned for, others a little less […]

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Stockport station gating latest

by Lib Dem team on 30 September, 2015

Along with several other Stockport councillors and council officers I had a meeting with Virgin Trains staff about the new ticket gates across the underpass at Stockport station. The gates have now been in place for over a month. Virgin’s aim is to both stop people travelling without tickets and future-proof the station for when […]

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