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Manchester Airport: Runway 1 closures next week

by Lib Dem team on 6 March, 2012

Runway 1 at Manchester Airport will be closed overnight from Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th March 2012, with runway 2 being used for all flights. As the airport website says: During March 2012 we are carrying out some maintenance to the Runway 1 (Runway 23R/05L) western taxiways. The programme includes work on one of the […]

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Delay to Manchester Airport runway refurbishment

by Lib Dem team on 3 November, 2011

The completion of the refurbishment of Runway 1 at Manchester Airport (technically runway 23R/05L) has been delayed by a few weeks. It was aimed to finish in November, but due to issues with the new lighting, will now (hopefully) be completed on Wednesday 21st December 2011. During the final weeks, Runway 1 will remain closed […]

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Manchester Airport update

by Lib Dem team on 18 October, 2011

Manchester Airport invited Stockport councillors to a meeting yesterday – the aim is to have them every six months or so to keep us up to date with what the airport’s up to. There are similar meetings with councillors from Manchester and Cheshire. We were told some facts and figures about the airport which I […]

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Noisier approach to Manchester Airport, 9th-16th May

by Lib Dem team on 29 April, 2011

Manchester Airport have let us know that, due to refurbishment of runway 1, we’re likely to experience more noise from approaching aircraft from 9th – 16th May. The plan is for this to be only from 9am to 4pm on those days, but the work may be delayed if the weather’s poor. The noise is […]

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Your chance to air your airport concerns

by Lib Dem team on 14 June, 2010

Manchester Airport are holding a series of outreach meetings at which, among other things, you can go along and have a one-to-one chat with someone from the airport about any concerns you may have (flightpaths has been the main one that’s come my way from this area). Our local one is at Cheadle Library, 28th […]

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Work on Manchester Airport runway 1 tonight

by Lib Dem team on 7 April, 2010

I’ve received this today (7th April): I am writing to advise you that important maintenance checks will be carried out tonight on Runway 1’s edge and end lights (Runway 23R/05L). Faults have developed today and they must be investigated immediately. Whilst these faults do not affect the safety of aircraft, due to the stringencies of […]

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Travel conditions in Cheadle & Gatley, Stockport

by Lib Dem team on 5 January, 2010

I haven’t ventured out too far today – just walked into the village, so this isn’t a complete picture. As far as I know: We’ve had around 10cm/4 inches of snow. The trains out from Manchester to Gatley aren’t currently running No planes are coming in or out of Manchester Airport at least until noon […]

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A letter from Manchester Airport on the noise

by Lib Dem team on 26 November, 2009

Over the last couple of months I’ve been contacted by people concerned about an increase in aircraft noises.  I tried to contact Manchester Airport but heard nothing.  Finally, a colleague found out it was an issue with their automated landing system. Well, this morning I’ve received a letter from the airport – you can click […]

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Why there’s more aircraft noise over Cheadle & Gatley

by Lib Dem team on 13 November, 2009

A few weeks back I asked if anyone was experiencing more noise from aircraft, especially around Gatley Road.  A few people got in touch (which is more than Manchester Airport did – I never had a response to my emails). My friend Cllr Lenny Grice sits on some airport committee so he found out the […]

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Manchester Airport Community Outreach

by Lib Dem team on 24 September, 2009

Here’s the poster for a Manchester Airport Community Outreach event in Edgely on 5th October.  Looks interesting – click on the thumbnail to see the details.

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